Monday, October 20, 2008

Battle Prattle

Today folks, we have a guest post from the Superjudgiest ex-blogger ever.

Craig, the forum is yours:

“If ignorance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face”

Zach De La Rocha, 1992

One of my all time favourite lyrics, no wait, it is my favourite lyric!!! When it came out, I was certain I knew what it meant. RATM wined, dined and 69’d the left side of my adolescent brain with their first album. I think at some point or another there are many who would agree to have had the same experience growing up through high school, college, and while wading though our rebellious 20’s trying to nail down our moral identities. Signing petitions to save the world, help the weak and undermine the man that was a nice little mandate to have. Then came the Battle in Seattle.

I bring this up after having the luxury of seeing the trailer for the new Stuart Townsend flick “Battle in Seattle”, a film loosely based upon the ultra Leftist documentary called “This is what Democracy looks like”. I remember clearly the anger, hate, happiness and relief we all felt when that little party went down. 40,000 people strong headed to Washington state, the city of Seattle, and staged what we all came to understand as the most successful protest of that magnitude to ever have been staged. Protesters stood up against the Seattle police force and the National Guard and made their message known to the world, “we will not stand for the WTO, or its policies, and we will unite against you”. They got it all on tape; they put all the tape together, and then came the documentary, which I really, REALLY liked. So now we have a movie to see, a movie that from what I have read is both accurate, and inaccurate, depending upon who you ask.

Are we awake? Is Zach right when he screams” Wake up” at us in all of his concerts? Is Zack even awake?

I always assumed that the general public was asleep. Not literally, but more, the reality that most people existed in was more like the slumber of a flock of sheep. Hardly an original thought, but hey, anything repeated over and over by so many people, so detached from each other must have a bit of substance. The reality of the whole “battle in Seattle” may never truly be known if you ask me. Sure we can all see what’s there in front of us, cleverly edited for effect. We can all hear what they are telling us on the romantic and powerful albums we listen to, and the shows we see. We can rest assured that our morality remains intact we woke up in 1992, some of our parents woke up in 69 for crying out loud. Except, I think it’s a bit too easy.

When the editing is done by Protesters its called truth, when it’s done by the government it’s called fascism. I wonder if there will ever be a middle ground. Perhaps the new movie, “The battle in Seattle” will come through and provide that for me. Optimism has always been a strong point for me, no matter how small the odds, and methinks the odds small on this one. Whatever the outcome, I get to watch Woody, Mizz. Theron, Pacey and Dexter’s sister roll around in tear gas, which alone will be worth the cash I hope.

You know, I don’t mind being told to wake up, I’m glad De La Rocha kicked me in my ass when I was younger, however in my more relaxed and wise adult state, I tend to have a response;

“I’m wide awake, I’m wide awake, I’m not sleeping”




Kris said...

Thank you darlin'.

rob said...

Good for you Superjudgiest! Now that's what I call detail and high quality information on the subject!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I think not. but this;

now this is interesting!!!

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