Monday, October 20, 2008

Bob & Doug Mckenzie, Ed Grimley, Guy Cabalerro - Here's To You.

Growing up, I loved watching SCTV.

For those that don't know, it's Second City Television - a great Canadian comedy show, using people that performed on the Second City stage.

Now that I live in Toronto, I NEED to go see a live show at the Second City downtown on Mercer St. I've always meant to, it just seems to slip my mind a lot.

So, I took a look at what's playing.

Um, yeah.

Barack to the Future looks entertaining, and stars Marty Adams, who is in the new Saw movie. It's also features some other pretty acclaimed comedians, as per usual Second City standards. This show makes fun of pretty much everything, as far as I can tell.

The site even states - "With a worldwide recession, global climate change and a daily litany of political disasters, Toronto could use a good laugh."

True enough.

The feedback from viewers is good and according to this review in the Star, it's damn funny.

In other words, I gotta go see it.

Is Marty Adams the next John Candy?

I guess we'll find out.


old paint said...


second city was a blast, thanks for remindng me. Tink I'll give that sho w look!!!!

Melinda said...

Aww I love second city.

Kris said...

Have you been, Mindy Lou-Who?

Mike D. said...

SCTV was the best way back when.

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