Monday, October 27, 2008

Bye Bye, Mon Cowboy...

So today was the boy's first day at his new job.

This puts an end to "extended couple quality time", or ECQT as it is now known.

During the time that we were both home together all day every day, many people asked me: "Are you sick of each other yet? Do you hate him yet? Are you pulling your hair out yet?"


I kinda dig him.

I liked having him around. Don't be shocked.

And now I'm left talking to the dog all day, yet again, and singing loudly to songs I may or may not have made up.


Oh well. Bottom line? He's gonna kick ass at this job. And eventually I will also find an ass to kick employment-wise.

But still....

Somebody misses you, Craig.



Ophelia Mourne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blergh.

I want to snuggle that cute little doggy! zomg he is ADORABLE !!!

Kris said...

Haha... yeah, he's cute til he goes spastic. :)

Doc said...

Ah well ... at least you have your boys over at RF to help pass the time.

Congrats to Craig on his new gig.

Kris said...

True enough, Doc. You guys are a big help! :)

And I'll definitely let him know... if he ever comes home again.

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