Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's official.

Shambled Ramblings is home to the world's biggest failure.

What am I a failure at, you ask?


Yep. All of it.

Today is a learning day folks, and on this day you have been taught that Kristen Goetz fails at all things, great and small.

The first step is admitting it.

The next steps, well... doesn't matter what the next steps are, cuz I sure won't do em right! All because of the aforementioned general shitty human being I am.

Ah, the patterns. They don't lie.

This was the most shambled ramble ever.

Guess now ya know where the title hails from, eh?


Mike D. said...

You are not a failure, idiot. To pretty to be one.

Kris said...

"Thanks," says the Idiot. :)

M.V.P. said...

Kristen Goetz. A Model, Idiot.

I should be an investigatory journalist.

Long time no comment I think, how are you? Why so glum chum?

Kris said...

Oh Matty... you should listen to your friend, Billy Zane. He's a cool guy.

Glum is my middle name. After Zygote. And WonkDonkey.

samsquantch said...

hey negative nancy. i dont like this one. boo-urns.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I thought your middle name was "Friggin"....

Let's fail together...I'll share my soggy cardboard box & dumpster food with you?

Kris said...

Sorry Samular.

And yes Leah, my middle name is also "Friggin".

Yaaay, dumpster food!

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