Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship

After 25 years, I'm pretty certain that I've found my achilles heel.

I'm a beer chick. I like beer. Lots. In fact, I like lots of beer lots. Ok? And I tend to be able to drink copious amounts of it without too much of a bad effect the next day. Usually.

I should stick to what I know.

In the past year I've started drinking wine here and there. I was never able to before because it gave me such bad migraines. But hey, not so bad anymore! The problem now? Wine = Uber Drunk Chick.

So it seems that lately I must stop and ask myself "Hey! How could I make this problem worse for myself?" And, being the genius that I am, I found a way.

Wine + beer + whatever else = HolyJesusThisHangoverMayKillMeAndIfItDoesn'tCanYouJustShootMe?


Welcome to Sunday.

I may have even found a way to make it worse than that.

I haven't been smoking much at all lately, so when I do (i.e. - when I'm drinking) I feel like ass.

So there ya go kids.

Don't drink, don't smoke, stay home at night, do your homework, avoid all profanity, and go to church every single day.... this is my advice.

Phhht. Yeah, ok.


Mike D. said...

I took your advice, and now girls don't like me.

Kris said...

They didn't before either.

Kidding. I think.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl does not need to waste time with alcohol. Make use of your gifts.

Kris said...

What are my gifts?

Chocolate? I hope it's chocolate...

Barbara Doduk said...

Thanks for visiting my Love Blog. I will be back to give you a good read when I have time. Just wanted to say thanks.

blepharisma said...

Did you drink the purple?? I didn't drink that much Saturday, but I was killed on Sunday. We blame the purple.

Kris said...

No, I didn't try the purple. But I had lotsa wine, and beers mixed in. Then, afterwards, we went to the Rhino for last call to see his hockey folk and I had another pint and a shot of jeager just to put the nail in my drunken coffin.

I still blame the wine.

Darrin said...

Love wine.. LOVE Beer!! Have you tried cider? There's a great one called Woodchuck cider made by Green Mountain Beverage. Dangerous though.. because it really doesn't seem like you're drinking an alchoholic beverage!

Kris said...

Oh yes! I've had cider... not that kind though. It used to be my summer drink of choice. But you're right - very dangerous!

Billy Lynch said...

There's someone using the name Lindsey o'rielly with your pic trying to catfish people I reverse image searched her pic and your blog came up

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