Sunday, October 12, 2008

Patch Things Up

Saturday afternoon we took the drive from Parkdale to Peterborough for the Patch Cup hockey tournament.

Beautiful drive - reminds me of how much I miss going up north every year.

This tournament is a once-a-year thing, where new teams are created and they play for one day.

Craig was on the Stu Live Crew team.

Hence the "Parental Advisory" patches on the jerseys.

No, your eyes haven't misled ya.

They all have F. Martinez on the back.

Google it.

Between games we played with Jacob and Mackenzie, two cute jack russells that Suzanne and Mike brought with them.

We left Jack in the beaches for a night instead of bringing him. He would've gone nuts, and guess who'd be left to deal with that?

Peterborough is the home of Sebastian Bach.

This arena has a lot to do with his family - his brother played on the local team (The Petes) and his Dad painted this portrait of the queen that is hung over the ice.

No Sebastian sightings were had.


The Patch Cup - which his team did not win.


Bar time!

Craig and Nick - Nick hurt Craig during the second game and messed up Craig's knee.

Craig did not play the next game.

Craig was not happy.

Craig no longer wants to kill Nick, however.

Or does he?

End of the night.

We crashed on the floor of Jeff & Claire's hotel room.

That's Craig on the phone with the front desk, drunkenly asking for extra pillows and blankets. Pretty sure he used his phone sex voice. I'm also pretty sure the guy on the other end of the line liked it.

Happy Turkey Day, Canadian readers. Sunday, other readers.


Anonymous said...

Is that a Steeler's emblem I see? Well done!

Kris said...

Sure is! I guess Jordan's a fan.

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