Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shut Yer Hole

Seems I neglected to report a story on here.

My bad.

So Sunday night, as usual, the boy goes across the street to play some shinny hockey. I tend to take this time to watch girly shows and take over the couch.

Half hour after he leaves, he comes back in the door.

There's a green towel up against his mouth and the first thing he says is "Uhh... you gotta take me to the hospital."

Being the concerned girlfriend I am, I freak out a little.

Seems he got a puck to the mouth and it was completely split open with a lovely hole to the other side. Blood everywhere. Yum.

And so, to the hospital we went.

5.5 hours later, he was stitched up and sent home. (But not before all the crazies got in to see the Doc before him).


Don't look so surprised, ya goon!


blepharisma said...

I keep telling joe that if something like that happens to him near the wedding, I'm not marrying him.

Somehow this isn't enough of a deterrent.

blepharisma said...

P.S. he plays floor hockey now, and likes to do things like throw himself over the opposite team's "boards" (a.k.a. little grade school gym benchy thing)

Born with a big mouth! said...

oh no!!!! Good thing he has you to take care of him!!

Kris said...

Now they can share hockey stories at the party on Sat. Lovely...

And I'm done taking care of him! As a matter of fact, I accidentally elbowed him in the lip last night. He may or may not wanna kill me now.

Anonymous said...

Accident my ass, that was on purpose and will be dult noted as such!

Kris said...


Anonymous said...

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