Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snootchie Bootchie Porno Movie

I remember the first time I saw Mallrats. I was kinda young, and my sister and her friend rented it with me and we watched it in our basement. My mom got pissed because of the swearing and sex-talk - she didn't want me watching it due to my impressionable age. Riiiiiight....

Too bad. I watched it anyways. And loved it.

Thus began my journey into Kevin Smith's movies.

Some I liked better than others (dig Clerks and Dogma, J&SB Strike Back not so much), but I'll always give him a chance. And now he's got a new one that is giving me ideas.

Zack & Mimi Make A Porno is about two friends (Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks) who are deep in debt and decide to make a porno, cuz hey - sex makes money! Of course they end up having feelings for each other, but that's besides the point I'm making here.

Kevin Smith is trying to tell me something. Who has debt? I do! Who needs quick cash? I do!

He's quite the financial advisor. Giving me advice through new hit movies.


Thanks, Mr. Smith.

You're so gnarly.


Robert Campbell said...

Good links on Kevin Smith. You did your homework.

Anonymous said...

Oh please for the love of God tell me you're going to make a porno! Did I just say that?

The Trailer Of Love

Kris said...

Rob - I did my hmwrk years ago, when I bought the movies ;)

Wil - You just never know, do ya?

Mike D. said...

You're something else Miss Goetzy.

PatZ said...

Double Dutch Rudder?

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