Friday, October 10, 2008

We Would Have A Fine Time Living In The Night

Craig and I have been in Joy Division mode lately.

After watching Control, the movie about lead singer Ian Curtis, we can't friggin' stop listening to them.

Great movie. Still not sure how I feel about him.

Cheating asshole thinks he's God and hangs himself, leaving his wife, his baby, and his naive, (and foreign) mistress.

How much of it is true to life, I cannot say.

But by the end of the movie, I did not like him. I loved the band and the music he made with them, but I wasn't left with much respect for his actions.

He was apparently a thinker... and an over analyzing, depressed young guy who believed he should be as big, if not bigger, than Bowie.

Stardom screwed the situation further.

But I digress.

Those of you that don't know much about Joy Division, give em a listen. (You probably know "Love Will Tear Us Apart", but there are other songs that you don't know you know. Y'know?).

They are actually the band that evolved into New Order after Ian Curtis was gone. Some trivia for ya on a Friday evening.

Alright, I'm done bandwagon-ing. I promise.

1 comment:

Kris said...

Survey says - you people are not fans of Joy Division. Duly noted.

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