Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blank Stare, Blank Mind

Who knew that a writer would suck at writing speeches?


My sister is getting married this weekend, which I still don't fully believe. Even after the wedding, when they're calling her a "Mrs.", I'll be saying "Oh, that's silly. They think she's married. Heehee."

It's exciting, and it also seemed to sneak up on me.

Which brings me back to the subject of speeches.

Never in my life have I written such corny, lame sentences. The delete button is truly my best friend right now, and my brain? Well, it's not.


Back to the drawing board I go. Wish me luck.

Or, even write it for me!

.....no? Alright then. Luck'll hafta do.


Wil said...

I just spent 4 minutes staring at your pics and I feel just fine about it. I am quite the writer my own damn self, what is the topic of said speech?

The Trailer Of Love

ghost said...

you could always steal rachel mcadams speech from wedding crashers. without the opening jokes of course.

good luck, kris. i feel for you.

Kris said...

Wil - The topic of the speech is "my sister is getting married and i'm very happy for her and i'd like this speech to be funny-ish but not TOO funny and not too embarrassing, or too long or mushy." Truthfully, I haven't started yet.

ghost - I COULD do that, but people may throw things at me. Then again, that'd make things entertaining... hmmmm...

blepharisma said...

Yup. I still haven't started my speech yet. Maybe I'll just say "I'm the bride and you are not. the end."

le sigh.

Also, I think I hab a code.

Kris said...

I think that's a great speech. Maybe you should also add "I hab a code" to it.

Will you let me just go up there and sing Skid Row songs? They pretty much sum up our sisterly relationship. Maybe I'll throw in Type O Negative for good measure. Or Juliana Hatfield!

Oh... put "My Sister" on the cd for the DJ. Heh. :)

Ana Banana said...

Your sister will be a beautiful bride and you'll make a gorgeous bridesmaid! Assuming your a bridesmaid. When are you going to get married to Craig? (I read your blog too much)

Melinda said...

What are you doing next Wednesday evening, 6:30ish???

Kris said...

Mindy - Not sure. Any plans we have after wedding, I've put out of my mind. Why, what's happening? Something fun?

Ana - Thanks for the compliments. She WILL be a beautiful bride, absolutely. As for me and the boy... it ain't my time!

Ciavarro said...

I wrote a speech for a wedding this summer.

My own.

What worked for me was I didn't force it. I just awoke one day with the germ of an idea and it all flowed out of me.

Simplicity. Trying to get all flowery and deliberately sentimental can be hit or miss.

Then again, speeches from girls usually have all those sappy catch phrases, so you're on your own!

Born with a big mouth! said...

something like ....

in life the people who make a difference in our lives are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. it's the people who care for us. And you two truley care about each other ... and other people...

I always like making it about the people that are at the wedding though ... about all the friends who have come to celebrate and "here's to friend who are more like family"

gag I hate giving speeches too!

Kris said...

Chad - I'm not really a catch phrase kinda girl! And I'm not looking to make it flowery... You're right, simplicity is the way to go.

Erin - You sound like you've done this before! ;)

Daniel said...

You don't look very exited .. you look sad. Anyway I think you're a very good writer. You'll do well.

Kris said...

Oh no, I'm excited! These pics are pretty unrelated.

And thank you :)

melinda said...

Check your facebook... deets are there.

As for the speech, don't over think it, just think about what you want her to say to you on your big day and go with that.

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