Monday, November 3, 2008

Holy Crapload Of Pics, Batman! Er...BatDog.

A little Halloween post about this dude...

and this chick.

Oh, and a little doggy who fights crime.

We handed out candy to the youngins til we ran out.

Had no choice but to leave a sign. Hope they could read!

The young ladies loved this doggy.

He, on the other hand, was indifferent.

Jack wanted to know who this strange brunette chick was.

Halloween brownie points for the boyfriend.

Yeah, he's cute.

Last minute budget costume, an amalgamation of a few past costumes.

Some kinda brunette Zorro type girly.

Don't ask.

Ah, ze mask that attracts ze ladies at ze Halloween parties.

Fret not, I did not punch any of em.

"Fetch me my longsword, ho!"


Oh, you're pretty.

At the Halloween party.

A drunk Elvis is an entertaining one, just so you all know.

Last pic of the night, post-wig removal.

"What do you mean Halloween's over?"

Sorry, sukka.


Princess Toadstool said...

love the pics of you with le dog. both as a blonde and brunette.

you make a hot zorro-jolie pitt. haha. with a splash of catherine zeta jones.

next year we will try to re-unite the gang, but it looks like you had more fun than you thought you would this year.

Kris said...

Thanks, Samraroo.

I have a few plans for next year. They may or may not involve spandex and makeup for the boy, and extra legs and imagination pour moi.

Mike D. said...

Holy hot outfit, batdog. And go brunette NOW.

Kris said...

Bah. You know I always think about it.

Shaz said...

Oh my, the Batdog is the bestest!

I had my pup be Superdog last year but that lasted for all of 3 minutes.

Kris said...

Ooh, maybe Superdog will be his next one..

Born with a big mouth! said...

looks like you guys had fun!!

Darrin said...

Zorro, err... Zorra? Nice! Loved Bat Dog too!!

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