Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've Watched A Change In You... It's Like You Never Had Wings.

Lotsa things are happening in the next few days.

Quite a few ch-ch-ch-changes.

As of tomorrow, I won't have my car in Toronto anymore.

It's staying in St. Catharines where my mom will use it. Since I'm mostly jobless, I can't afford the stupid thing.

But I'll miss my Marcellus Wallace.

(Yes, I named my car Marcellus Wallace. I name things. My guitar is Ziggy Stardust. Do not mock me.)

This weekend will be the first time I ever emcee a wedding.

And I will do it while willing myself to stay standing in my uber high heels,

hoping my makeup doesn't run,

and forcing myself not to let any four-letter words slip out if I screw up.

Perhaps we should take bets on that one.

And oh yeah...

As of Saturday, my sister will be a wife.

Nope, still haven't gotten used to that!


Mike D. said...

No more Marcellus? Thats too bad. And what are you, a fake model?

[also -- I will bet twenty bucks that you swear while emceeing.]

Kris said...

Nope, no more Marcellus.

And NO, I'm not a fake model. The pics are for fun from some site. Ass.

Twenty bucks? You got it.

Ana Banana said...

Cool pictures I thought they were real at first! Duh stupid. I like that you name things, it's cute.

Kris said...

Gracias. :)

ghost said...

i named my kids. and the toaster.

proably my least favorite deftones song. but that's not saying anything because everything they do is like magic.

i'll take some of that swearing at the wedding action.

ghost said...

mike d.? from the beasties? wow. rap royalty.

Kris said...

Holy crap.

It's one of my least favourite Deftones songs too! And I looooove my Deftones. I always get excited when someone else actually likes them.

You're in my good books, ghost.

Oh - and he friggin' wishes he was Mike D. Alas, the 'D' stands for Davis and he can't rhyme at all. Too bad.

Mike D. said...

Uhm, I'm offended. I rhyme pretty well. People only read your blog, because they want to get a snog!

Kris said...


Heff said...

No car ? Jeez that sucks.

Kris said...

Yeah, but it's just temporarily.

I've already been yelled at by a few people anyways, for having a car in Toronto when it's "not needed".


ghetto.punk.chic said...

I named my guitar Cherry Garcia....yes, after the ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I like the last pic.

Mom said...

great pics. You were always my 'model' child!

Kris said...

Lies! But thanks, Mom.

Be good to Marcellus. :)

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