Monday, November 24, 2008

Lady In Red

Well, she's gone and done it.

I'd like to introduce the new married folk:


And, of course, a slew of pictures. All out of order.

Trust that I'll have another "wedding picture post" fairly soon.

Me and my dancing partner cousin.

Dad & Craig - Dapper Dans.

My parents, Steph'N'Joe, and my grandma.

Mama's all purty and dancin' like a pro.

The bridesmaids' first drink of the night.

Much needed; much enjoyed.

The head table without the head table folk.

I danced so much that I may or may not have lost ten pounds and permanently ruined my feet.

Worth. It.
Pretending to play the piano with Nick, at the late-night singalong.

You don't wanna see the videos. Believe me.

This is the best picture ever, to me. So I saved it for last.

Congrats, you guys.

(Stay tuned for a rare "two-post" day. I hafta introduce you all to a new family member... and no, it's not Joe)


Heff said...

Awww, How sweet !

Kris said...

Sometimes, yes.

Holly said...

Everyone looks gorgeous and like they had fun!

Mike D. said...

I don't have anything sarcastic to say. You look beautiful and so does your sister. Congrats to her.

Kris said...

Thanks Holly and Mikkety Mike Davis.

And yep, it WAS fun!

Born with a big mouth! said...

How was your speech??

Kris said...

It went well, and I didn't swear.

I think I rambled a bit, go figure.

Soem guests came up to me after and said I did a good job, but you know. People are always nice at weddings. :)

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