Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am angry, saddened and helpless.

In every city, from the largest metropolis to the smallest farming town, there are bad neighbourhoods. It's unavoidable. In Toronto, you can be in a beautiful, family neighbourhood and walk one street over and be in the middle of Cracktown. That's just the way it is.

The issue lies in lack of distinction between the two. It's easy for all to co-exist when we know the areas to avoid, and places to keep our children and loved ones out of. So what happens when it changes without our knowledge?

I live in a great neighbourhood, on a great street. I am surrounded by parks and trees and artists and musicians and different races, ages, and creeds. Most importantly, I'm surrounded by young families with children.

That is why I am outraged about the new crackhouse just up the street from me. On any given evening, the drug-addicted customers can be seen loitering out front, waiting for their next fix. All while the young, impressionable and bright children in the neighbouring houses are out on their bikes, walking their dogs, or skipping off to a gymnastics class.

It makes me physically ill.

I understand that these people have problems and need help, and the crack dealer is just trying to make a buck. Fine. But do your business in your own goddamn neighbourhood and leave the good people in mine alone.


Anonymous said...

You guys can always stay at my place (Craig won't be as close to the slushie pond though)...but there have been a few dodgy-types I've noticed disguised as orthodontists.

I see right through them.

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog. I'm my neighbourhood it's pretty much the same. If I cross the street on my way to the supermarket, I see people using drugs, maybe that's because it's legal here (softdrugs, I live in the Netherlands). But I don't like it.

I have saved your blog to my Blogcatalog favourites!

So@24 said...

I never thought I'd find another girl who also depends on Wikipedia for personal happiness.

This may be love.

Kris said...

Lance - I'd do that, but i'm pretty sure Mata Hairi would be none too pleased!

Arjen - Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely not legal, and those drugs aren't soft. It's sad.

SO@24 - Wikipedia rules all. Glad ya agree :)

JaG said...

I'd hate it too if that happened to me :-(

Kris said...

Ah well, that's Toronto for ya!

Anonymous said...

Stop talking to chimps, Kristen.

But tell Mr Trilage I said hello.

-LL (sc, shhhhh)

Kris said...

Sorry, Lancey.

I must be sick with the Hong Kong Sneeze. Watch out for those "orthodontists"! ;)

ghost said...

i had to spend a couple of year in an apartment a couple of years ago. the guy i shared a stoop with was a crack head. at some point i threw him down a flight of stairs. at another point he and fve of his junkie buddies beat the hell out of me. i was happy to see that fool get carted off by the po po. i wont ever live in an apt again if i can help it.

Kris said...


I don't blame ya! I couldn't handle that.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I see this shite every day here at The LoveTel. Unreal.

The Trailer Of Love

Anonymous said...

that place needs to get cleaned up so you can come out with us and i can go to that beer store again.

missed ya last night, K. Claire sends her best. Thanks for the got 'em back?

I will resist the obvious line about her getting in your pants:)

Kris said...

Wil - That really sucks, I don't envy you. Maybe you should start kickin some ass :)

Lancey - Sorry I didn't show up, but ya know... I hope to see ya both sooner than later. And I hope she liked..uh... getting in my pants. Heh.

Anonymous said...

cancel on your sis Saturday and come over to watch ufc with us. Bob and Laura are coming over and we're making a HYOOGE lasagna.

we will all then do our Garfield impressions before we watch the beatdowns.

there will be beer.

the three B' you keep talking, blood and buds.

sounds like a perfect K night, no?

Kris said...


I cannot! Cuz, y'know, I kinda like my sister 'n stuff...

We'll call you guys afterwards. If you're still awake and crazy, we'll come visit and perhaps talk of important issues, like chimp clubbing.

Barbara Doduk said...

Just be careful, down and out people are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

haha thats sort of funny.. i just wanna comment on that give a little rant of my own - it really pisses me off when my non-Toronto or "suburbian friends" pay me a visit in my Toronto lovely High Park dwelling and they don't get that whole "that's not my neighborhood" thing. its not mississauga, one street down is a totally different neighborhood. i remember when i lived in my old place in Davisville and my friend was like "i was in ur neighboorhood the other day at Yonge & Eg theater and i parked my car and it got scratched.. like wtf, ok..

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