Monday, December 22, 2008

Mrs. Beer

This past Saturday, we went to Niagara for Craig's Mom's surprise bday party.

Lotsa fun. It was hard not to steal his little nieces and bring 'em home.

No pics, however. I decided to give people a break for one night.

My lovely twinner friends were there, and they surprised me with a Christmas present.

Oh, my girls know me so well.

A Home Beer kit.

Awesome for agoraphobic beer addicts like me!

2 gallons of love.

Daisy learns quickly.

(She's also healing quite well, if you'll notice)

And soon enough, I'll be as happy as this guy... sittin' in my underwear, drinking beer I made, and never having to leave the house.

There really IS a Santa Claus.

Goetz Beer coming to no bars near you.


Mike D. said...

I have a feeling that this could be dangerous. Very dangerous.

chimp said...

Is this the beer you won't offer me because we never see you guys anymore?

X Mas eve you guys doing anything?

Kris said...

We're in Niagara for Christmas Eve.. family and whatnot.

We called ya last night, but no answer. Are we even now?

Are we all free tonight?

Shaz said...

I want to have happy beer like Beer-san has.

Heff said...

I've made beer at home before, but never using a store-bought kit. Let me know how it turns out !

Merry Krismas !

Kris said...

Oh, I'm sure there will be many more posts about the home beer. Don't you worry.

And Marry 'Kris'mas to YOU, sir. ;)

samuel L jackson said...

i wish you a merry Krismas and a Happy New Beer.

yeah, that just happened.

Anonymous said...

Daisy is the freakin' hot blonde?

If so Daisy is freakin' hot :P

Kris said...

You posted that comment twice, and this is on the wrong post.

Masuka, is it you? Stop posting anonymously. You know Heidi don't like it.

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