Monday, December 1, 2008

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Another weekend gone.

My little family is trying to deal with stress as best as we can. It's been hard.

So Saturday night, after a particularly difficult couple of days, me & the boy had a night out with friends. Had some folks over, watched some hockey at the rink, then off to the Rhino.

Was a lovely distraction for a bit. No troubles.

That is, until Sunday morning.

Took the doggies to the dog park so they could play with their friends.

As I've said before, Daisy is a feisty chick when it comes to playtime with other dogs. Apparently one of the local dogs didn't like her attitude, and attacked. She fought back, but was hurt in the end. Received a pretty nasty bite.

Took her to the vet, where it literally cost $230 JUST to be looked at.

Friggin' scam.

My poor little girl.

She's sore, but toughin' it out.

She'll be feeling better soon, we hope.

'Til then, I'll be watching this video from when she was her usual playful self.

(Please disregard my dorkiness. The dogs bring that out in me. For serious.)


Shaz said...


Poor puppers, I hope she gets better real soon.

Krista said...

Poor thing :( But she's got lots of love and that is almost as good as a crazy vet bill.

Chomps said...

What do you guys use to prevent it from getting infected? I'd be stupid enough to throw money at the vet, good for you that you stood your ground.

Kris said...

We DID throw money at the vet. We thought she needed stitches, so we had no choice.

They just looked at it for awhile, then washed it up. We have pills for her. But the main cost of all that was just for the vet to walk in and say "Oh gosh, she's hurt".

She's gettin' better. Thank god.

ghost said...

its cool if youre a dork where the pup is concerned. thats like your kid. only right that you be proud of your girl.

Chomps said...

ha! now I feel bad. Wasn't trying to imply that you were stupid. You're BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT I SAY!

Kris said...


Nice save, lady!

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