Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey, Mickey

Lately, me and the boy have been taking in a veritable crapload of films. Some good ones, some great ones, some disappointing ones.

7 Pounds - we liked; Benjamin Button - kinda disappointing; Taken - not bad; Gran Turino - surprisingly good, etc, etc...

But out of all of them, The Wrestler made me think of actual people, who had similar paths.

Few people know this, but when I was younger I watched a bit of wrestling. I wasn't a huge fan, but there was the rare occasion that I'd voluntarily watch to see what the fuss was about.

Mickey Rourke's character reminds me a lot of Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair.
Shawn, "The Heartbreak Kid", used his badboy persona and female following to his advantage. I had a friend in grade school who was obsessed with him, and it is because of her that I still remember his theme song about how he's "not a boy toy", but is "just a sexy boy".

Still makes me laugh. And no, I don't think it's supposed to.

He more or less personifies Mickey Rourke's stage show in the movie.

Ric Flair, on the other hand, was a bit more flamboyant with his act. He wrestled into old age, like in the movie, and is now still one of the best-known wrestlers ever.

But he's a great example of a performer who has a hard time letting go of his career.

Great movie, with a pretty thought-provoking story.

Goes to show that wrestlers aren't all flash and wasted muscle. Some live and die for their sport, and there's nothing fake about it.


ghost said...

ive never been a fan, but id argue with anyone who said those dudes arent complete athletes. they have to be tough as hell.

ghost said...

and i really wanna see that movie.

Kris said...

I wasn't a big fan either, it was more curiosity than anything.

You should go see it.

Shaz said...

Thanks,I remember that theme song too and now it's stuck in my head.

And yes, I'll admit I laughed when I read it and just about snorted diet coke out of my nose :P

So@24 said...

Couldn't finish this post due to me being paranoid about spoiler alerts.

Want to see this so bad!

k said...

Overall I enjoyed the wrestler. Like any movie that depicts a sympathetic character undergoing hardship, it'll tug a bit at the audience's heartstrings. On a different note, what struck me was an aspect of Rourke's real life that correlates with that of his character. It's pretty much an open secret that Rourke is (like Stallone) a proponent of " body enhancement by way of artificial substances".He's been juicing for a decade at least. Hence the bloated ,disfigured face, the 60 extra pounds of muscle that genetics didn't bestow upon him..etc etc. That scene where he's purchasing steroids was dead on. It was written by someone with an in depth familiarity with the process. I wonder if he also received a credit for script-writing. lol

Kris said...

Shaz - Next time I'll do my best to remind you of something that will result in the diet coke actually being snorted outta yer nose. I'll try harder.

SO@24 - I don't think there's any spoilers... Maybe just don't read the comment below yours :)

K - Agreed. I absolutely think the reason he played the character so well is because he related on so many levels. Makes it much more believable, as well.

Mike D. said...

Yeah he made me think of Sean Michaels too. And someone else that I can't remember. A+ movie.

Kris said...

Didn't know you watched wrestling.

Then again, why would i?

Gordon said...

I saw the film and thought Rourke was excellent. But I'm not so sure this is such a thought provoking story. I left the film, feeling somewhat depressed. This film ends on something of a bummer, IMO. While he gives it his all to the profession he loves most, he sacrifices his relationship with his only daughter and also the one possible new love in his life, the stripper mother. What kind of inspirational message is this? I think this film is a real downer. It doesn't inspire. But it's great acting all around.

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