Friday, January 16, 2009


The west end of Toronto had a very happy night.

And by 'happy', I mean "holy shit it's cold and dark- who's touching me?! I can't see you!"

Ah, yes.

Nuthin' like an ENTIRE NIGHT of power failure (and no heat) in these waaay below freezing temps. Black. Out.

We were in the middle of watching a movie, and then everything clicked off. We waited a minute. Then another minute. Then finally found the flashlight and lit every candle I could get to.

By the time we went to bed, Craig said "We'll be ok. It'll come back on in an hour or two."

Hours later, power's still out. And it's getting colder and colder.

Oddly enough, I kept having dreams that the power came on. I'd wake up, whip off the blanket and prepare myself for our normal overheated bedroom. But no.

Craig's pretty sick right now, with a horrible cough that I'm worried about. Needless to say, this did NOT help in any way.

Around 8 this morning, it finally came back on.

But until this whole damn house warms up, I refuse to take off my toque.

Oh, heat. How I love you.


ghost said...

that sounds like the perfect opportunity to do some seriously serious cuddlin'. what you call a toque, i call a beanie.

Mike D. said...

That's pretty bad. You should come home.

PS: Pretty eyeballs you have. I like you better without make up.

blepharisma said...

We probably wouldn't have noticed if the power went off at night. We turn off our heat at night - we don't need it, our blankies are nice and warm.

Daniel said...

Wow !! I can't imagine that cold ... here in Brazil ist's mostly of the time nice and warm or like now, very Hot !! I'll send you some heat from here you send me some nice and cool air please !! .... I hope Craig gets well soon, take care.

Kris said...

ghost - We piled in the bed with the dogs, and did our best to cuddle and stay warm. But it was difficult since Craig had to get up and cough up a lung every few minutes.

Mike - A compliment? From you? Wow. :)

bleph - Come to my house now, and you will wish you had your warm blankies. The furnace apparently takes hours and hours to get warm again. I iz cold.

Kris said...

Daniel - PLEASE DO send us some heat. You can have all the cold ya like!

Thanks for the sweet wishes for Craig, I'll send em right along!

chimp said...

You know who knocked the power out, right?


We were fine, just missed it by a block or two. whew!

You guys should have called us and crashed with us...would have been a literal zoo!


Kris said...

Aw, we should have. We didn't think it was gonna last, though.

This morning I thought of calling you to see if ya wanted visitors, but the radio said your area was out too.

Lucky chimp!

chimp said...

We was totally fine, K.

maybe a tad too warm:)


we gonna see you guys this weekend?

what you guys up to tonight? I left you a message on that phone you guys never check.

I believe people in the real world call it the "house phone"

Might wanna look in to that

John Bland said...

We have call display.

do the math Chimp

I kid.

love youuuuu

Kris said...


Management has requested that you stop posting with a bajillion different names.

It makes paperwork difficult.

And confuses the children.

Thank you.

p.s. - You're not allowed to be John Bland. He is the jibboo.

chimp said...

I remember once I had two friends.......


see you guys tonight?

This seems like this is the only way to communicate with you guys these days. Hope the swelling goes down soon.

The indecent sea turtle said...


me Trabec.

t said...

Deep dark winter chill + blackout = ( / 9 months) .. Shambled Rambling Jr !!!

Kris said...

A little me would be a very scary thing indeed!

But I DO wonder how many Toronto babies will be born as a result of the blackout. Might be a little baby boom.

screetus said...

The city should have done a huge bonfire for all the freezing West Enders.

Kris said...

Oh, that woulda been swell.

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