Monday, January 26, 2009

She Holds Her Head So High, Like A Statue In The Sky

Months and months ago, I posted about the different art we had on the walls of our apartment. Looking around these digs, I realize we have an abundance of random knick-knacks as well.

So, my blogerrific friends, here is yet another tour of "The Crap In My Abode". Single-file line; no pushing please...

This is a turtle from Cuba. I think his accent is fake. He drank my rum.

The boy's golf award. Placed on our bookcase because it is a known fact that golfers are very literary. By "known fact", I mean "I just made that up now".

Yet another sports trophy. A plaque to show his first ever goal as a Parkdale Hockey Lad. He also won 'Rookie of the Year', but I'm not showcasing that trophy at this time.

Why? Because it's sleeveless and has a Harley on it.

A model of a 1969 Pontiac GTO Superjudge. A little birthday gift for Craig.

Because, if you didn't already know, he is Superjudge.

Tony Esposito - a relative of the judge who is super.

I think he comes alive at night and torments my dogs, along with that golf guy.

This is a little statue that was brought back for me when a friend went to Haiti many many years ago.

I dig it.

Buddha in the bathroom, please talk free.

The door is locked, just you and me.

(What, you don't like The English Beat?)

This little guy sit on top of our TV and judges us by what we are watching. He watches us watch.

Lastly, this is Jim Morrison.

Jim, this is everybody.

Jim lives in his plastic home, and has for many years. I was told that he holds value when left in the packaging. Seems I just forgot about him.

Perhaps it's time to let Jim out.

If only to watch him fight with Tony Esposito and the golf guy.

Place yer bets!


blepharisma said...

Can I take you to a restaurant that's got glass tables? You can watch yourself while you are eating.

Kris said...

So you DO like The English Beat then.

Oh, and the turtle you got me says "hey".

Mike D. said...

Let Jim out, cause my money is on him. Your man has supreme taste in cars.

Kris said...

Cars and Monster Magnet albums, to be exact.

unsilentmajority said...

Ok...I'll go here...Jim just needs to break on through to the other side yeah.

Kris said...

Well played...

And then, I guess that is the end... my only friend... the end.

Nope, that one didn't work. I tried.

So@24 said...

Turtles are always gettin into my rum too.

Cheeky bastards

Born with a big mouth! said...

i love the turtle!!! I collect turtles

Kris said...

The turtle feels quite popular now.

Thinks he's too good for me.

Masuka said...

No wonder you have bad luck.. Get the Buddha out of the bathroom and facing the front door. Its good feng shuai... Listen to the one with slanty eyes!!!!

Kris said...

Now ya tell me.

I think we were trying to promote better pee.


ghost said...

i still cant believe they have doors action figures.

Kris said...

They have everything in action figures... maybe even YOU.

But it's McFarlane who does the cool shit.

k said...

I had a 68 GTO . Why did I sell it? Because i'm a f*cking idiot. I still have parts if your bf has one of his own. Ram air 4 heads ported to ram air 5 specs,assorted interior parts..Actually I think I also have the entire bottom half of a ram air 4 buried somewhere in my dad's garage. Maybe I should set up an ebay account..or buy another GTO, so what if it only got about 12 miles to the gallon.

Kris said...

K - Wow. No, he doesn't have one. Maybe someday... but you should definitely get another one and use those parts.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

so, I'm behind in my blog reading & Steph stole my comment. Serves me right.

Kris said...

Yeah, pay more attention to me cuz you love me, dirtbag.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Krista said...

If it were up to Brian there would be Buddha statues and packaged toys everywhere. Luckily I keep that stuff regulated. Though I would like more art stuffs.

thanks for sharing. :)

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