Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stir Crazies

Hi friends.

Today I shall bore you with my awesome uninterestingness.

... such as my penchant for making up new words. Like 'uninterestingness'.

Tomorrow is my last day at the temp job I've had. Where I'll end up next, I have no clue. I'm gonna look into different options.

Perhaps I'll be an astronaut, or the next creative genius behind juice box designs. Ya never really know.

Jack (pictured above, for those who are not wise to the antics of my epileptic dog) no longer hates Daisy (my newer, female, non-epileptic dog. Keep up, people.)

It's hard to hate someone as you try desperately to mount them from behind. Am I right?

I'm looking to take a break from my relationship with winter.

It's not working out for me. I lost that loving feeling. Pretty much just numb now.

Of course, in true Kristen form, I still haven't made up my mind about The Stupid Hair Decision.

But knowing me, I'll stay the same because I am a loser and I am bland.

Boredom causes boring posts, can someone please entertain me?

Dance, monkeys.


chimp said...

Did someone say Bland?

ghost said...

this one time, i was trying to mount someone i didn't like. it ended in tears. there was a hip replacement involved.

Kris said...

chimp - Bland is not allowed here, after what he did do my Daisy!

ghost - That was YOU?

Born with a big mouth! said...

hey chic!! long time no .... type!

I like blond on you!!

Mike D. said...

Cute winter getup.

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