Monday, February 23, 2009

Forget About Your House of Cards, And I'll Do Mine

I've been hearing and reading a lot about Do Over Day lately.

I don't really know where it came from, or what it entails, but man... the things I'd do over.

Regrets are a bad thing to have, but Do Over Day seems to give an excuse to think about em.

So, let me see here...

If I could re-do my childhood, I woulda kicked some ass instead of being tormented by evil little girls.

If I could go back to when I was 19, I would've found a way to have my professor dealt with instead of dropping out of college because of him.

If I could go back to my last relationship, I would've ended things far sooner than they had ended, for sanity's sake.

If I could go back to being 23 and temporarily single, I would have dated more and drank less.

If I could re-do my early days dating C, I would've changed everything one way or the other.

If I could talk to my teenage self, I would tell her that she was a hell of a lot more amazing than she she ever gave herself credit for. And with a swift smack to the ass, I'd send her off to take over the world, instead of being consumed by it like I currently am.

And finally... If I could go back to the last time I had a Fat Girl Platter, I woulda ordered 20 more of the buggers and frozen them for future FGP consumption.

There's my shortlist.

What would you freaks do? Tell Momma all about it.


Robert Campbell said...

Right on! Love the pictures. There is something about that lapdog that just says 'no regrets'.

screetus said...

There was this one time in high school where I thought of this great joke based on what the teacher was saying, but I was too afraid to blurt it out 'cause he had no sense of humor. I'd go ahead and say it.

Also in high school when I made plans to distribute my underground newspaper I'd go about it more securely so that I didn't get caught and subsequently suspended.

Kris said...

Rob - Yeah, she has no regrets. Well, she MAY regret not leaving the crackhouse sooner, but she really had no choice in that matter.

screetus - Those are both far better than mine. You win!

ghost said...

screetus, you should take me back with you whern you go for the underground newspaper. i did it. i mastered the ability to remain anonymous.

i would have not hooked up with this girl in highschool whose initials were p.m.s. and i would have dated the zambrano sisters. smokin hot.

Kris said...

It's never good idea to hook up with p.m.s.

the.frig said...

the do over day website is great. The polls are so interesting.
Love the blog. Good work kristen.

i will do over giving my dog away to a friend. I want him back so badly. Little ray charles.

Kris said...

frig - Sorry you had to give your dog away, but I dig his name!

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