Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can't Spell "Belated" Without "Elated"

I admit it, I'm a bad person.

On March 4th I neglected to wish bloggerific happy birthdays to some very important people. I said my happy birthdays in other ways, but c'mon... they deserve a post, too.

And so, my apologies.

Happy 7th birthday to Jack!

My first ever "child".

Coolest epileptic dog on the planet. Even his seizures ooze with awesomeness.

Was that a bad thing to say? Ah.. moving on...

You are the first doggy I've ever loved and not been kinda-slightly-really terrified of.

Happy birthday, I love you! Hope you enjoyed C's sock.

And also, happy birthday to my lovely twins. Lots of love to them, too.

This weekend, it's back to Niagara to see the birthday girls, and our families.

When things are at their toughest, sometimes it just helps to go home....


ghost said...

i had to read that "hope you enjoyed C's sock" a couple times before it didnt sound dirty in my mind.

Mike D. said...

You could be sisters. Not with Jack... the girls. Oh Jack too. I'm open-minded.

Kris said...

Ghost- yeah... I realized that afterward. I ain't changing it!

Mike - Yeah, a few people used to call us 'the triplets' when we went out, cuz we were always together.

Anonymous said...

You have such freaking cute dogs, girl.

Kris said...

Merci. They have their moments.

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