Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gang's All Here... Sorta.

A week away from Blogdom, and I come back to it sick as hell.

So nice.

Spent the weekend back in Niagara to visit the folks, the friends, and the freaks.

Went to Mansion House, the same bar I always go to, I tend to miss it more than I miss most things in St. Catharines.

There was a Tool cover band. A really damn good one, surprisingly.

Was great to have a bunch of my friends out - these are the people I used to see at LEAST once a week.

Time passes, but the love?

Oh, it's still there.

Thank you, friends, for the beer.

You still know how to make me emotional.

C got artsy with the camera.

I call this "Palming Chap Stick" because I am un-creative, and he's palming a chap stick.

Don't leave home without it.

This one is "Soles of the Mansion Floor"

I see my boots. Craig's shoes. The third unknown feet bring the mystery to this particular shot.

I have no name for this one.

C took a picture of my hand. And him holding my wrist.

Possible deep meaning, but I can't be sure. That C is a thinker.

We made a business deal.

Or we agreed to be awesome.

Either way, we seem pretty stoked about it.

... ok, my sick self needs to go do non-bloggy things.


Anonymous said...

See, I always figure getting sick is nature's way of saying you should blog more.

I like your shirt with the circles.

Kris said...

True, I'm probably being punished by the Blog Gods, cuz I didn't post in a week.

And thank you. If you come down to Toronto like ya should, you can borrow my polka dot shirt anytime.

Mike D. said...

Thanks for the phone call.

Kris said...

First off, I never call anyone.

Secondly... you are a hermit. You haven't come out in 812 years. I gave up. Msg a sista when you know she's comin down.

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