Saturday, March 7, 2009

He Drives A Kooky Green Chrysler, Bad As Anybody's Porsche

It may be pointless to post about my weekend

when it's now the weekend after.

I care not. So willkommen to my memories of last week, friends.

One of C's best friends was in town, so a reunion of sorts ensued.

The lack of seating in our apartment means that outdoor foldy chairs come in handy for the extra butts.

Lap of luxury, folks. Don't be jealous.

You cannot hide from my camera's sneaky lens.


Well, maybe ya can.


At one of our bar stops, Salvador Darling on Queen, the table had this lovely skin under the glass.

Cool or creepy, I've not yet decided. Thoughts?

I tend to post only the very best couple shots. You know... the ones where we both look like we made the kind of faces that our mothers always warned would "stay that way"?

A blurry end to the night.

And an evil-eyed goodbye.



Anonymous said...

Hey, outdoor chairs are amazingly comfortable.

phx said...

I find the skin creepy... did it go well with the rest of the place?

Kris said...

Yeah, the outdoor chairs are probably more comfortable than our actual furniture...

And phx, I'm not really sure! Nothing about the rest of the decor is really standing out to me.

ghost said...

i love the pic on the side over there---> of the baby burger.

Kris said...

Me too! I've had that thing for years, it's one of my favourites. It's an amalgamation of things I adore - its The Baby Big Mac.

Mike D. said...

Did I just see boob?

blepharisma said...

I see you fixed the title.

Kris said...

mike - I doubt it, as I have none. Was it a boy boob?

bleph - d00d, I wrote it and never checked it til the other day. Stupid me. I know better.

Mike D. said...

You have boobs. Not boys boobs.

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