Friday, March 27, 2009

It Doesn't Really Matter

Are any of you still here?

I promise there will be no more Stinkbutt mentions... at least not until my memory fades on me and I feel I have to re-tell the story in all its unimportant glory.

You're safe for now.

Last night was the kickoff to 103.9 Proud FM's weekly live-to-air at Riva on College St. Yeah, I'm pimpin' out where I intern.

It was a good time. If you promise not to mock my massive (and temporary) dark roots, pasty skin, and general tired look, I'll share some pics. Don't get too excited, now.

This would be when the streetcar driver yelled for me to not use the flash on my camera. Apparently he also didn't like when Craig asked "why?", cuz he proceeded to close the doors on us when we got to our stop.


We tried, but failed, to show the dark labyrinth of bathrooms... or the many doors that scared us. Either way. We are fearful, yet surprised. Did we convey that correctly?

C managed to grow a blonde head on his left shoulder. Magic exists, folks.

Regal radio host. His minions were bowing - you can't see them. They bow low.

Bob at the booth with Mark Holmes... The same Mark Holmes who was in Platinum Blonde and is now known for his nights at the Mod Club. He got Sober Kristen dancing, which is a feat in and of itself.

Next week - you all must go. You dig?

See ya there.


ghost said...

i will be.

Anonymous said...

He now goes by DJ MRK.

sounds cooler.

Kris said...

ghost - I wish.

Anon - I know. But since I like Platinum Blonde, his real name is infinitely cooler!

Anonymous said...

"Stinkbutt" would make a great name for a punk band.

Kris said...

Totally. Wanna start one with me?

Mike D. said...

I'd come, but I'm a hermit according to some girl.

Kris said...

Yeah. I hear that girl is superfantastically awesome. And always right.

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