Monday, March 2, 2009


Continuing with the 'music memories' I wrote (read: Kris is otherwise busy and has nothing better to say), here's one from when I was 17. While I don't necessarily like writing about exes, unless it's to say "like, my current boyfriend is sooo totally better than that last one", I think C will be ok with it. This particular song makes me think of whomever I'm in love with, so he's long taken over that one.

I digress.
The Meeting

LOCATION: The Ex's house, St. Catharines
YEAR: 2000
TAGS: moms, meeting, scared shitless, fairy creature
PUBLISHED: Febuary 21, 2008

I was tricked.

I was 17, and had recently started dating my first "real" boyfriend. He picked me up one day under the pretenses of going to the mall and doing some shopping. That was fine by me. So, on our way, he casually says

"Oh, by the way. I'm taking you to my house on the way back so my mom can meet you."

I went cold. Meeting his mom? I had never met a boyfriend's mom before, and I was terrified. What if I wasn't nice enough? What if she didn't like how I looked? What if I said something stupid?

He knew of my family-phobia, so he planned this quite well. I couldn't exactly jump out of the car and roll home down the highway. So we went shopping, with me worrying the entire time. Then finally the moment came - we were at his house.

I walk in, and his mom, sister, grandmother, and aunt are all sitting there staring at me like I'm a whimsical fairy-creature who has come to grant them peace and good fortune. I wanted to cry.

He made the introductions, sat me down across from them all, and promptly disappeared. I was alone with them. The questions began. I was so shy that I could hardly answer.

He finally came back and, seeing that I was scared shitless, told them we had to leave. I got in the car and exhaled the breath I had been holding the entire time. He had forgotten something, and went back inside.

When he got back into the car, he was smiling. "They loved you," he said. "They kept telling me how pretty, polite, and smart you were. My mom wants you here everyday."

"Only In Dreams"(by Weezer) reminds me of this, because he specifically put the song on while driving me home that night. A couple of months later, he wrote out the lyrics and framed them for me.


chimp said...

was it kinda like the first night you "met" John Bland?

wayne gretzky said...


it speaks.

Kris said...

Chimp-o -

Nope. The first night I met John Bland, I woke up in the hospital. And couldn't remember how I got there.

And don't mind Wayne... he's just cranky about his plus/minus. :)

ghost said...

a. you can't mouth the great one. he's canadian and still manages to be an american treasure. he's sacred, and as such, off limits.

b. how old are you now? i know a dude is never sposed to ask a girl that, but im trying to see when in the grand time frame this happened. in comparison to where i was, you know.

Kris said...

ghost - I HAVE to mouth the great one, when it's just my boyfriend posing as him. I mean, C is pretty good... But it'd only blow his ego up if I called him great.

Aaand I'm 25. And a half. 26 in July. does that help?

Mom said...

Yes, they loved you. As we all do! Just as well she didn't know that you ducked every time you passed her store

Kris said...

I was shy.

You know this, Mom!

Krista said...

Wow, that is kind of a sweet memory, you must've been crapping your pants though. That's a lot of family meeting pressure all at once, I mean mom is one thing but aunt and grandma?!

Kris said...

Yeah, but it was because they all wanted to meet me... I had probably avoided the situation for awhile, I can't remember. Heh.

Mike D. said...

That's the guy who stole you from me.

Kris said...

I belonged to you? Oh, dear. Did you buy me Big Macs and take me to the zoo?

Mike D. said...

You didn't belong to me but you should have at that time. He won that battle! I would've taken you to the zoo and had a picnic of Macs.

Kris said...

Oh my.

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