Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pant-Holes

An odd kind of satisfaction comes with the "aw, dammit" feeling when an old pair of jeans finally starts splitting at the knees and showing their age.

Aren't people paying exorbitant amounts of money for supposed high-end jeans that come pre-ripped and torn?

Yeah. They sure are.

Silly shoppers.

I'm thinking that I must be some kind of fahsionista type at the moment, then. Cuz I didn't pay for pre-made holes. These ol' jeans have EARNED their wear and tear.

I put the years in. I did my time.

Just look at that detail. Such craftsmanship only comes with age and patience.


Ok, ok... so I'm just trying to make myself feel slightly better about my previously intact pants becoming... well... out of tact.

Doesn't matter much. I'll wear em 'til they're damn near fallin' off!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Naming A Post Takes Too Much Energy

Thursday night was Proud FM's 2nd Birthday Party, held at Fly nightclub.

The party was great, and the turnout was amazing.

A couple of Drag shows for the VIPs, as well as some other acts.

Thanks to my date, Shari, for all the pics that I lovingly stole.

I was either working or having too much fun to bother with the camera.

Shocking, I know.

Neil & I will give you drink tickets in exchange for your love.

Shari and Matthew are feeling a little blue.

Happy Birthday, Proud FM!

Next day we made a quick stop at Ikea, after a meeting. We spend $5. Seriously.

Here, I showcase the Ikea bathrooms - not for sale.

Spent the last few hours of sun in the backyard with the dogs and some beers.

Since Saturday was also beautiful, we took the pooches to High Park for the afternoon.

(That was after looking at a few apartments and being pretty disappointed one way or another.)

High Park was great; gorgeous weather, great trails, and the dogs had a blast.

Too bad we got stuck in what looked and felt like a hurricane on the walk home...

Now it's a lazy Sunday, and I'm contemplating multiple naps and movies.

Let's pretend Monday will never come, shall we?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Questions From The Curious

Answers to your questions:

Shaz - Peanut M&Ms or Peanut Butter M&Ms? Unless you're allergic, in which case I ask regular or dark chocolate?

First off, Shaz... cheez whiz is pretty hot, and you're trillion times hotter. You dig?

As for M&Ms... I loooove peanut ones. I haven't had em in forever. And I like milk chocolate best, dark chocolate doesn't make me as happy. But frig, I'll take anything.

...the who cares girl... - Is your hair naturally blonde and if not, what do you do to it? I want to be BLONDER this summer, but I fear bleach. Help me.

My hair is naturally light brown/dirty blonde. I just highlight it. But honestly, I like your hair colour. It's purty on ya!

Keir - If I told you that Bono used to bleach his hair, would you stop doing it?

Keir, do you hate blondes? Or just bleach. As I said, I don't bleach my head. I highlight it. But I see you've done your hmwrk, as you know of my hatred for all things Bono. I have to be realistic, though. He wears sunglasses (even at night, Corey Hart!), so am I gonna stop wearing them? Doubtful. :)

Phronk - My question is: If you had to clip the toenails of any famous person, living or dead, who would it be, and why?

I'm sure that I should say a celebrity crush or something, like Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds... but I'd rather clip the toenails of someone who takes TOO much time pampering themselves, because you know their toes won't be nasty. I'm gonna say Paris Hilton. Yep, definitely Paris. Because her toes will be impeccable already. And since I hate her, I can
a) throw the sharp toenails directly in her eye or
b) take the toenails to a witch doctor and have some voodoo done on the rich bitch.

PatZ - if you had to be in one of Tom Cruise's movies from the 80s, which one would it be, which character would you play and how would you plan your escape from the impending claws of being offered an early spot as a senior Scientologist?

I had a long answer to this question, but I've deleted it now. It offended a blogfriend that I really respect, and I truly didn't mean for it to. So instead, I'm just gonna say - I don't like Tom Cruise. But I'd be in Rain Man. (I apologize for the foot in mouth, phx...)

Anonymous - why doesn't your boyfriend guest post anymore? and who is your favourite dog?

He only guest posted once, and it was simply because I was lazy. He doesn't come by the ol' blog much, except to read the comments sometimes. He knows everything, so I'm sure he doesn't wanna re-read his night. As for my doggies... I don't have a favourite. I cuddle with Daisy more, because she's an uber cuddler. I try to play with Jack more, because he needs it and deserves attention. My dogs are the shit.

Mike D. - When are you going to move back to St. Catharines and marry me like you're supposed to? Why don't you ever post naked or half naked pictures like some other bloggers do?

Oh, Mike. When I had a slight crush on you when we were quite young, you liked girls who had boobs already. When you came crawling back to me, I was into taller guys. It would just never work. ;)

Half naked pictures? Yeah, my mom and sister would LOVE to see that. The closest thing I have to half naked are the bikini pictures from last year. Deal with it.

Pork Star - How are you doing? :)

Hi Pork Star! I'm doin' alright. How are you?

ghost - what is your dog looking for in the cushion of that chair?

Heh. There was some tinfoil in the garbage that meat was cooked on. My unfortunately crafty dogs found a way to get into the garbage. Daisy hid it in the chair. Jack found it. Kristen had the fun task of prying it from his teeth.

Wow, this was a long one. Thanks fer playing, everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Q & A with K & J

This is the wonkified face of a chick who, in a word, ain't got nuthin'.

I have nothing to report, nothing to rant, and nothing to ramble.

So I'm turning to you.

Gimme questions. Any questions. I don't care what they are.

Yeah, I'm slightly ripping off the usual Friday fare on Tony's blogfatherly blog, but I doubt he'll mind.

Ask away. . .

And if I don't wanna answer - Jack will.

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Ode To My Geekdom

When C and I first started dating, he said he wanted to get me a karaoke machine so I could sing all day and all night to my little heart's content.

As there were more pressing things to spend money on, we never got one. Drunken nights at bars did their part for this mic hog.

The afternoon producer at the radio station has had a karaoke kit of sorts on his desk since I started there. Everyday I'd look at it and maybe briefly kinda-sorta think about stealing it. But I didn't.

Yesterday I finally remembered to ask him where he got it. The response?

"Ah, it was sent to me. You wanna take it home and try it out?"

Can you guess my enthusiastic response?

It's karaoke that you hook up to your computer and subscribe online.

I love the microphone, though I know it hates me.

I don't have a subscription to this site, but there's a list of free songs. That means that you guys will rarely be seeing pictures of me with a social life like this:

Instead, you're more likely to see pictures like this...

and this...

And, unfortunately for you, videos like this:

Ballad of Jayne by LA Guns is actually one of my favourite songs from when I was little (thanks for the mixtapes, sister!). I can't quite sing it properly, but I'm happy it's on the free list.

And trust that as soon as the boy gets home, this machine is going on the big screen with surround sound. Poor, poor boyfriend.

Don't rush me, baby. We've got all night.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Rest For The Wicked

On nights when I just can't sleep, I tend to think.

And reflect.

And drive myself further insane as the night drags on.

Can't escape it. Last night was no exception, unfortunately.

I'll be honest - it isn't always a bad thing (other than the lack of rest, of course). There are the rare instances when I find solutions to problems that plague me, or figure out why things happened when they did, and how I could've prevented them.

This time, Kris had herself a few epiphanies.

Hmm... maybe realizations is the better term.

Either way. I figured out why I kept myself in less-than-ideal situations in the past, when I was probably better off ridding myself of them.

And I learned why (aside from the obvious concerns) I always feel like something is missing for me now, like I'm continually searching and coming up short.

These are baby steps, people.

Over the past year or two I've kinda lost myself. I've been bleached and subdued. Real life has taken the colours out of my personality, and I'm on the hunt to get em back.

The more I learn what I've done wrong before, and what I now want, the closer I am to those colours.

And I promise to never


draw within the lines.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Prefers Vodka

So, it's now Sunday.

Which somehow feels simultaneously like Saturday and Monday.

As previously mentioned, Thursday was another Proud FM live-to-air at Riva. To prep for the night, C and I partook in burgers, onion rings, and poutine down the street at Stampede.

This is because we are smart.

Neil came to our casa for some pre-drinkin', and then off to the bar we went.

My lovely purple-haired seester and her hubby came out. Pretty sure I introduced her to everyone at least three times each. Take it as a compliment, chick.

The wee hours of the morning came far too quickly. Oh, how we pay for fun nights.

Especially since we had Day One of C's hockey tourney to attend.

He's a trooper for damn sure.

As irresponsibly responsible folks that we are, we neglected to head out to the nightly parties for said tournament.

Sometimes, ya just gotta stay home.

And so, on this Easter Sunday, we sit around in the living room being lazy and awesome with our equally lazy and awesome pets.

Happy Chocolate Day, ladies and gents.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Staff parties should never be this fun.

Gotta love Proud FM. Food, booze, and karaoke.

Not much I like more than that.

And tonight kicks off a long weekend.

I've mentioned it before.

I'm saying it again...

Riva Supper Club for the Proud FM live-to-air with DJ MRK.

You'll have fun, I promise.

Instead of looking at a bunch of pictures of me drinkin' my beer, you can drink one with me!

Yeah, that's not a huge selling point. I understand.

Uhh... did I mention there was fun involved?

Fun?! Wow!

Come out!
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