Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Prefers Vodka

So, it's now Sunday.

Which somehow feels simultaneously like Saturday and Monday.

As previously mentioned, Thursday was another Proud FM live-to-air at Riva. To prep for the night, C and I partook in burgers, onion rings, and poutine down the street at Stampede.

This is because we are smart.

Neil came to our casa for some pre-drinkin', and then off to the bar we went.

My lovely purple-haired seester and her hubby came out. Pretty sure I introduced her to everyone at least three times each. Take it as a compliment, chick.

The wee hours of the morning came far too quickly. Oh, how we pay for fun nights.

Especially since we had Day One of C's hockey tourney to attend.

He's a trooper for damn sure.

As irresponsibly responsible folks that we are, we neglected to head out to the nightly parties for said tournament.

Sometimes, ya just gotta stay home.

And so, on this Easter Sunday, we sit around in the living room being lazy and awesome with our equally lazy and awesome pets.

Happy Chocolate Day, ladies and gents.


Anonymous said...

Your sister's purple hair is impressive.

Kris said...

Agreed. But I'll let her know you said so!

Mike D. said...

You hang out with far too many dudes I think, and none of them are your boyfriend.

Kris said...

Wha? He's there. Beside my sister. And the boys I'm pictured with have no interest in a chick like me. :)

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