Friday, April 3, 2009

Free With The Wind In Her Butterscotch Hair

Mornin', friends.

I rarely (if ever?) have written about trips to the salon.

But, due to the massive amount of bitching and complaining about my bloody awful roots as of late, this time I'm gonna.

Les roots, they are gone.

(Sorry Heff!)

Don't mind the face - this is after a long damn day.

Went to see Brian at Mocelle Edan on Bloor West.

Perks of the internship mean it was pretty much free.

A godsend for my brokeass.

Brian is awesome.

I don't usually like new stylists, but he knew his stuff, and is as picky as I am.

He's added to the list of hairdressers who don't want me to go dark just yet. Meh.

He also styled my hair differently, because I lack the know-how and I can't seem to recall the meaning of the word 'volume'.

Anyways - just wanted to give some public kudos to Brian, and let you all know that

the bitching

... at least on this particular matter.


Copernicus said...

whatever, he' sa hack, a trained chimp named bland could make a girl as beautiful as you look good with a box of crayons and a hot radiator.

ghost said...

we likes the bitchin.

phx said...


Kris said...

copernicus boy - Thanks. Ya make a girl blush in your own special way.

ghost - Aw... I'll continue to bitch just for you!

phx - You're too sweet. Come by more often ;)

Mike D. said...

Pretty lady. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that Heff really gets around the blogs.


Kris said...

He suuuure does, Wil.

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