Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guess I Need A Blue Cardigan...

All of your guesses on my previous post were marvelous.

But I'm not shaving my head. Or getting a sex change. And I'm not pregnant.

I am employed, my friends.


It's been so long, it sounds like a foreign word. Freelance writing never felt like true employment.

I'll still continue interning at the radio station, but part-time I shall change hats and become someone who provides a service for a monetary fee.

Eek. That was badly worded. I'm not a prostitute.

On another note...

I am also moving.

As of June 1st, I may be saying bye-bye to my Parkdalien status.

But then again, maybe not.

We have no clue where we'll be moving.

Perhaps to Roncesvalles so we can be nearer to the InterSteer, as shown in these accompanying pictures?

Or maybe nearer to the radio station, so we can walk to work and get a bit of some new-fangled craze called "ex-er-cise"?

Or to the beaches, cuz... uh... I likes me some beaches?

Or maybe

I'm moving

beside you.

Wontcha be my neighbour?


Mike D. said...

I hear St. Catharines is a nice place to move to.

Mindy said...

Yay! Congrats on the job.

The beaches is nice.

screetus said...

Congratulations on the job!

I did not know you were a freelance writer -- how cool! I did that for many years.

I recommend the High Park neighborhood. Check out High Park Village -- it's a very well maintained collection of buildings, and they have free Starbucks for the residents every Monday morning.

Kris said...

Mike - Been there, done that.

Mindy - Thanks!!! And yeah, we like it. But it's too far from where we need to be.

screetus - I still do some freelance stuff from time to time, but not enough to make any kind of living anymore. As for High Park, we love the area. That's one of the places we're looking.

phx said...

Yay! Congrats on the job! (What is it?) :)

Kris said...

Thanks, phx. It's assistant and marketing work for a Turnaround and Crisis Management company. Might not be permanent, but whatever.

ps - I sent ya an email! Hope it was the right address...

ghost said...

dont move to texas right beofr ethesummer. you'll melt if you dont have time to adjust.

Mike D. said...

Find a place yet?

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