Sunday, April 26, 2009

Naming A Post Takes Too Much Energy

Thursday night was Proud FM's 2nd Birthday Party, held at Fly nightclub.

The party was great, and the turnout was amazing.

A couple of Drag shows for the VIPs, as well as some other acts.

Thanks to my date, Shari, for all the pics that I lovingly stole.

I was either working or having too much fun to bother with the camera.

Shocking, I know.

Neil & I will give you drink tickets in exchange for your love.

Shari and Matthew are feeling a little blue.

Happy Birthday, Proud FM!

Next day we made a quick stop at Ikea, after a meeting. We spend $5. Seriously.

Here, I showcase the Ikea bathrooms - not for sale.

Spent the last few hours of sun in the backyard with the dogs and some beers.

Since Saturday was also beautiful, we took the pooches to High Park for the afternoon.

(That was after looking at a few apartments and being pretty disappointed one way or another.)

High Park was great; gorgeous weather, great trails, and the dogs had a blast.

Too bad we got stuck in what looked and felt like a hurricane on the walk home...

Now it's a lazy Sunday, and I'm contemplating multiple naps and movies.

Let's pretend Monday will never come, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Ikea. Swedish for "out of stock."

High Park rules. I used to bike around there. Did you run into the mayor? He lives in the neighborhood.

Mike D. said...

Club chick.

ghost said...

monday is here, in all its fury.

the bastard.

Kris said...

screetus- I love High Park. It makes me happy. And no, no mayor. But I DID meet a hell of a lot of muddy dogs and people who go nuts for Jack Russells.

Mike - Me? Nope. Not I.

ghost - I know. I tried my best to keep it away... but alas, I am weak.

PorkStar said...

I share your thoughts on the naming of a post...

Kris said...

Glad you agree, Pork Star. Sometimes ya just don't wanna bother....

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