Friday, April 17, 2009

An Ode To My Geekdom

When C and I first started dating, he said he wanted to get me a karaoke machine so I could sing all day and all night to my little heart's content.

As there were more pressing things to spend money on, we never got one. Drunken nights at bars did their part for this mic hog.

The afternoon producer at the radio station has had a karaoke kit of sorts on his desk since I started there. Everyday I'd look at it and maybe briefly kinda-sorta think about stealing it. But I didn't.

Yesterday I finally remembered to ask him where he got it. The response?

"Ah, it was sent to me. You wanna take it home and try it out?"

Can you guess my enthusiastic response?

It's karaoke that you hook up to your computer and subscribe online.

I love the microphone, though I know it hates me.

I don't have a subscription to this site, but there's a list of free songs. That means that you guys will rarely be seeing pictures of me with a social life like this:

Instead, you're more likely to see pictures like this...

and this...

And, unfortunately for you, videos like this:

Ballad of Jayne by LA Guns is actually one of my favourite songs from when I was little (thanks for the mixtapes, sister!). I can't quite sing it properly, but I'm happy it's on the free list.

And trust that as soon as the boy gets home, this machine is going on the big screen with surround sound. Poor, poor boyfriend.

Don't rush me, baby. We've got all night.


blepharisma said...

Oh brother!! I always liked Never Enough and I Wanna Be Your Man better.

Kris said...

Ooh, I LOVE Never Enough. That was another one you put on a mix tape.

Ah, memories of singing songs I didn't understand while swingin' along on my swing.

phx said...

You are going to post videos of you trying this out, right? :)

I do enough singing (ie. embarrassing myself) in my kids' once-weekly, 45-minute music class.

Kris said...

I DID post a video, silly. It's right up there!

Music class, huh? Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but you're already a star.

Kris said...

Aw, shucks. Thank ya. Just for that, you can move into my country anytime. :p

Binsk said...

Oh my I love your dogs and your Toronto cool girl blog makes me want to blog more. But I prolly won't. :)

Kris said...

Binsk, it's a geek blog. I wish I was cool.

And you SHOULD blog more. I need reading material.

Mike D. said...

Poor boyfriend is probably right. It's a good thing you can sing pretty good!

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