Thursday, April 9, 2009


Staff parties should never be this fun.

Gotta love Proud FM. Food, booze, and karaoke.

Not much I like more than that.

And tonight kicks off a long weekend.

I've mentioned it before.

I'm saying it again...

Riva Supper Club for the Proud FM live-to-air with DJ MRK.

You'll have fun, I promise.

Instead of looking at a bunch of pictures of me drinkin' my beer, you can drink one with me!

Yeah, that's not a huge selling point. I understand.

Uhh... did I mention there was fun involved?

Fun?! Wow!

Come out!


Mike D. said...

No comments?

Kris said...

Oh look, there's one now!

Anonymous said...

where? when? why do these happen? and are you there every week? are you part of the prize?

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