Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Questions From The Curious

Answers to your questions:

Shaz - Peanut M&Ms or Peanut Butter M&Ms? Unless you're allergic, in which case I ask regular or dark chocolate?

First off, Shaz... cheez whiz is pretty hot, and you're trillion times hotter. You dig?

As for M&Ms... I loooove peanut ones. I haven't had em in forever. And I like milk chocolate best, dark chocolate doesn't make me as happy. But frig, I'll take anything.

...the who cares girl... - Is your hair naturally blonde and if not, what do you do to it? I want to be BLONDER this summer, but I fear bleach. Help me.

My hair is naturally light brown/dirty blonde. I just highlight it. But honestly, I like your hair colour. It's purty on ya!

Keir - If I told you that Bono used to bleach his hair, would you stop doing it?

Keir, do you hate blondes? Or just bleach. As I said, I don't bleach my head. I highlight it. But I see you've done your hmwrk, as you know of my hatred for all things Bono. I have to be realistic, though. He wears sunglasses (even at night, Corey Hart!), so am I gonna stop wearing them? Doubtful. :)

Phronk - My question is: If you had to clip the toenails of any famous person, living or dead, who would it be, and why?

I'm sure that I should say a celebrity crush or something, like Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds... but I'd rather clip the toenails of someone who takes TOO much time pampering themselves, because you know their toes won't be nasty. I'm gonna say Paris Hilton. Yep, definitely Paris. Because her toes will be impeccable already. And since I hate her, I can
a) throw the sharp toenails directly in her eye or
b) take the toenails to a witch doctor and have some voodoo done on the rich bitch.

PatZ - if you had to be in one of Tom Cruise's movies from the 80s, which one would it be, which character would you play and how would you plan your escape from the impending claws of being offered an early spot as a senior Scientologist?

I had a long answer to this question, but I've deleted it now. It offended a blogfriend that I really respect, and I truly didn't mean for it to. So instead, I'm just gonna say - I don't like Tom Cruise. But I'd be in Rain Man. (I apologize for the foot in mouth, phx...)

Anonymous - why doesn't your boyfriend guest post anymore? and who is your favourite dog?

He only guest posted once, and it was simply because I was lazy. He doesn't come by the ol' blog much, except to read the comments sometimes. He knows everything, so I'm sure he doesn't wanna re-read his night. As for my doggies... I don't have a favourite. I cuddle with Daisy more, because she's an uber cuddler. I try to play with Jack more, because he needs it and deserves attention. My dogs are the shit.

Mike D. - When are you going to move back to St. Catharines and marry me like you're supposed to? Why don't you ever post naked or half naked pictures like some other bloggers do?

Oh, Mike. When I had a slight crush on you when we were quite young, you liked girls who had boobs already. When you came crawling back to me, I was into taller guys. It would just never work. ;)

Half naked pictures? Yeah, my mom and sister would LOVE to see that. The closest thing I have to half naked are the bikini pictures from last year. Deal with it.

Pork Star - How are you doing? :)

Hi Pork Star! I'm doin' alright. How are you?

ghost - what is your dog looking for in the cushion of that chair?

Heh. There was some tinfoil in the garbage that meat was cooked on. My unfortunately crafty dogs found a way to get into the garbage. Daisy hid it in the chair. Jack found it. Kristen had the fun task of prying it from his teeth.

Wow, this was a long one. Thanks fer playing, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Nah, no hate. Nothing personal, but I just do not prefer blodnes. Obviously I am not a gentleman. :)

Kris said...


I don't prefer blondes either, Keir. I love long dark hair. I want it. But, as I've said over and over, no hairdresser wants to dye me dark. Guess it just wouldn't suit me... :(

Mike D. said...

You have boobs now and I got taller. I think the timing is just right.

phx said...

*raises hand* um, i was raised as a scientologist and it's still a part of me in many ways. i can't expect everyone i know, or anyone really, to respect that, but i needed to throw my 2 cents in here anyway... i've been feeling sick to my stomach ever since i read this one.

Kris said...

I'm so sorry, PHX. I'm such an asshole. I'll delete that answer ASAP. To be honest, I don't know much about Scientology, I just know I don't like Tom Cruise and his views on a lot of things. Whether that's due to Scientology or not, I don't know for sure. I was just having fun with the answer to PatZ question.

I'm so so sorry...

phx said...

It's all good, Kris. Thanks for the email, and for understanding my perspective on it. You are awesome. :)

Pingu the Franco Penguin said...

Hmm Scientology:

Take a perfectly gay man, soak him in oil and some other Bs stuff,an dthen toss him in the Sauna for a day or two..... PRESTO out pops a fire breatning hetero sexual sex machine.

Right Travolta???

What will they come up with next.

Kris said...

Back atcha, phx.

Pingu, don't be shit disturbin' upon my blog. Wait, since when can you speak? Rascal!

Oh, and D? SHAADDDUP! :)

shenry said...

Fascinating questions and answers. I don't have the balls to solicit open-ended questions like that.

For the record, count me as Bono and Cruise hater. Those dudes are tools.

Kris said...

Glad ya agree, shenry. I get in arguments about Bono ALL the time.

liz said...

fuck bono!

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