Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pant-Holes

An odd kind of satisfaction comes with the "aw, dammit" feeling when an old pair of jeans finally starts splitting at the knees and showing their age.

Aren't people paying exorbitant amounts of money for supposed high-end jeans that come pre-ripped and torn?

Yeah. They sure are.

Silly shoppers.

I'm thinking that I must be some kind of fahsionista type at the moment, then. Cuz I didn't pay for pre-made holes. These ol' jeans have EARNED their wear and tear.

I put the years in. I did my time.

Just look at that detail. Such craftsmanship only comes with age and patience.


Ok, ok... so I'm just trying to make myself feel slightly better about my previously intact pants becoming... well... out of tact.

Doesn't matter much. I'll wear em 'til they're damn near fallin' off!


ghost said...

at least it wasn't a split up the ass seam or the crotch area. that would have just been unfortunate.

TJ Detweiler said...

good call, never give up on good jeans. Can't put a price on comfort.

Kris said...

ghost - I think people are paying even more for crotch-holes, than knee-holes. I went about this the wrong way...

TJ - It's true. Plus, they look ok with my Tool shirt. Mainly cuz I'm a loser. (love the Recess name, btw!)

Shaz said...

*whistles* Those are the real deal, you could save them as family heirlooms now! Tell yer great-great-great grandkids how you used to wear these to real concerts when the water was cheaper then the fancy smokes :P

Trixie Firecracker said...

Ha, yes indeed! I never quite understood people paying top dollar for ripped and paint splattered jeans anyway, you could do that yourself with very little effort - walk into a few tables, spill a few cans of paint, and it's all free! Speaking of which, my favorite old Blue Cult jeans have so many holes that they could be denim swiss cheese but I still keep wearing them. Old holey jeans FTW!

screetus said...

Speaking on behalf of all men everywhere, I wish you many happy days of your pants falling off.

Wil said...

10-4 on that Screetus! Long live your crotch-hole!

Wil Harrison.com

Kris said...

Shaz - Ahhh, yes. The memories will be so sweet, I may shed an old-broad tear. :)

Trixie - Preach it, sista! Welcome to the club.

screetus - Cheeky monkey! ;)

Wil - I'm so very glad that you all are concerned for the well-being of my crotch-hole. You're gyno-rific!

Ophelia Mourne said...

very nice.
I wear my clothes til they fall apart too. Though I havent had hole in my jeans since I was a child.
I was quite the tree climber.

Maybe if I climb some trees I can have cool jeans :o)

The Holywriter said...

Please update your links for my blog.



Anonymous said...

you have the sexiest mid thigh ever. that is all.

Krista said...

Nice! Jeans only need to be thrown away when the crotch rips, or they are in tiny little pieces!

Mike D. said...

I'm with anonymous. But I also think you should buy new pants.

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