Monday, May 4, 2009

Black Hole Sunburn

Friday night we packed up the doggies and went home to Niagara.

A weekend of beers, backyards, birthdays and... well... barking.

After visiting with Craig's family, we headed to see mine. And that night was the birthday of my lovely Miss Leah. Happy birthday, baaaaby!

Good times ensued, of course.

Craig and Leah paired up and kicked some ass at pool. They may or may not have won against NHL'er Jason Spezza. I'll never tell.

And at last, after all those lonely and hungry nights in Toronto, I finally had a delicious FGP.

(Oddly enough, strangers who read my blog often write and ask me if I've had an FGP lately. It's infamous in its greasiness).

All of Sunday was spent lounging in the neighbour's backyard, having beers and watching the dogs make friends with Dougie, the Beagle/JRT.

Canine love triangles get pretty drama-ful, lemme tell ya.

I literally spent less than 5 minutes on the internet all weekend, because the rest was spent outdoors. Which means that I am now sporting the 2nd sunburn I've ever had thus far in my life.

Apparently I'm not smart when I drink, and forget things like sunscreen.

It was difficult to wake up this morning, but I did my best. Went into work and ran some errands for the station in the Proud FM car.

I stupidly kept wondering why our fellow downtown Torontonians kept looking at us.

Oh. Right. That's the reaction you WANT when your vehicle is plastered with your logo.

Perhaps the sun stole a few brain cells while thiefing my pasty paleness.


screetus said...

In Bizarro World there's a car driving around with the Apathetic FM logo plastered on it, in shades of grey and beige.

Kris said...


ghost said...

only 2 sunburns? i've had dozens upon dozens upon dozens. of course, i live in texas, or we natives call it, the sun. the pasty ones dont last long here.

Valley Girl said...

Aw, cute doggies! And you're pretty, too. =)

Kris said...

ghost - I'm not usually so pasty, but I think this year I allowed the computer to give me a lovely green glow.

VG - Well, thanks! :)

Krista said...

I love how one weekend in the sun can change your complexion from meh to wow! Glad you had a good weekend with everyone before the clouds rolled in.

The puppies look like they are well-behaved, true?

Kris said...

Weeelll... sometimes they are. But they're Jack Russells, so they're all about exploring and gettin' into shit. But in a very cute way, mind you.

Mike D. said...

You can set me up with your cuz.

Kris said...

Only if you're lucky. And worthy.

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