Friday, May 29, 2009

The Elusive & Rare Post Sans Pictures

Hi friends.

Since my computer and the fun parts that attach to it have been taken apart and packed up, you won't be hearing from me much this weekend. I've shanghai'd C's computer for today, but soon it too will be packed.

The good news is that we have indeed procured a place to hang our hats. Or, as the cool kids would say these days, we got an apartment.

Thank. God.

After this weekend, I will no longer be a Parkdalien.

I'm happy about where we're moving.. but man, am I gonna miss Parkdale. There's just something about it.

But all sad feelings aside, I'm in good spirits. Can't wait til this move is over so I can finally relax and be my usual semi-bitchy self.

Stay tuned, my lovelies.


Wil said...

I can't remember the last time I did a post without a pic. It just doesn't seem right, LOL. It's like you have to give them a visual to dram them in. Good luck on your move, see you again soon, and shit.


chimp said...

I hope they let you drink till 7am at your new place.

Will miss you guys in the hood


Shaz said...

*gets popcorn* K I'm waiting.

screetus said...

Hey, welcome to [insert new neighborhood here]!

I'm sure you'll soon feel right at home here in [insert new neighborhood here], with its many [insert new neighborhood characteristics here].

And did you know that [insert new neighborhood here] just happens to have the biggest [insert new neighborhood trivia here] in all of Toronto? Well it's true

Again, enjoy, and may you have many fun years living in [insert new neighborhood here].

Kris said...

You guys are the best.

I'll have stories soon, promise.

kay zee said...

Whats your new hood?

Wil said...

Hell with the hood! Show us your trunk!


Kris said...

kay zee - I'm now in the gay village, actually. I work there. I WAS in Parkdale... which I miss already.

Wil - Wouldn't my trunk be my stomach?

Wil said...

Well I was thinking more of your arse as in the modern day slang but I'll go with the stomach. Dammit Kris, you ruined my stupid comment!


Born with a big mouth! said...

good luck with the move! Glad you guys found a place! If i lived anywhere near you I would totally drive the pick up over and help!!

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