Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Hour of Proud Drag Queens & Siblings

On Friday evening, the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association held a convention at Maple Leaf Gardens.

The first time the Maple Leaf Gardens has been open to the public in 11 years, if I'm correct.

Travel people from all over the world set up booths to cater to the gay and lesbian market. So, of course, Proud FM had to be seen and heard!

Craig made sure to have a picture of him sittin' in one of the gold seats. Ah, memories of Leaf games... for him, anyways.

It was a long day for me, but we hit a local bar afterward to hang with the awesome work folks. By the time we got home, I was about ready to collapse. But when we reached our 'hood, it was in the middle of another blackout.

Craig's sisters and cousin (who is also the sister of my twinner girlies) were at our place and we were all getting ready to crash. Craig was told via text that we had to head down to the Rhino so his sister could meet a certain special someone... and so we head out once again to a bar.

Needless to say, that person was Strombo. Craig plays hockey with him, so it was easy as pie to get an intro to his sisters.

By all accounts, I'm told it was worth the hangover.


Anonymous said...

You could say you spent "the hour" with them.

Anonymous said...

I love your glasses in the top pic. AWW SNAP!


Kris said...

screetus - 'zactly! :)

Wil - I know I've never looked better. and check out the rack!

Mike D. said...

I didn't know you knew George. Wow.

Kris said...

Like I said, he plays hockey with C. So I have to pretend I didn't have an obsession with him since I was 14. And I hope to god he doesn't find out that I had a picture of him in my highschool locker.

... nevermind. I may have already told him that once while drunk.

sweaty toes said...

wow, there wasn't any proud FM last time i lived in toronto. that is very very VERY cool. i have spent many an hour bragging to weho friends and neighbours about my hometown's laws re same-sex marriage - did you hear about prop-h8 in california? it was with very mixed feelings that i sat there watching the news - the day after obama won - as live footage of the protest against prop h8 outside played on and got pretty ugly at night... i couldn't help but wonder what obama was feeling after such an important night for civil rights to be followed by, in such horrific irony, the next day's sad, hateful, slide backwards for civil rights. lots of celebs flocked to their cars and rode along which was nice. i remember lance bass made quite a stir. :)

fuck yeah, toronto RULES!!!

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