Sunday, May 10, 2009

Proof That We're Social Folk

On Thursday, an opportunity to go to the Canadian Cancer Society's Toast event fell into our laps. Great cause, free food, free booze, and a chance to network. We had a blast.

So much food from different restaurants in Toronto. This delicious dessert was from Dufflet. It was hard not to throw a bunch in my purse for later.

But I didn't. I swear.

There was a magician walking around, doing tricks for the guests. He caught us watching and clapping while he was at another table, so he stopped by ours afterwards.

Here he's making C write his name on a card.

I wrote mine on another.

Ta- daaaah.... it ended up being the same card, two-sided.

Er... it wasn't originally. The "magic" made it happen. The two cards became one card.

Meh. Remind me not to do PR for this guy. I'd fail. He was great, though.

Oh, hello free wine.

Havin' a good time. Can ya tell?

The event took place in the Distillery District, and it was a killer spot for it. C and I planned all the ways we would decorate if we lived there.


Craig in Paris.

Kristen in Paris.

There were photographers there, and one lady kept putting Craig and I in front of this wall to take couply pics. Some were pretty cute. Expect to see 'em someday.

Amsterdam beer. We came back for seconds. And maybe thirds. Ok.. fourths.


Waiting for the streetcar.

This was the ad on the wall of the streetcar stop. For a hazy moment, I thought this guy looked like Tony.

But it could've just been the booze and food getting to me.


blepharisma said...

Ooh - which building in the Distillery was it?? I love it there!! It looks like it may have been one of the spots we were considering for the wedding, and then balked at how much it would cost.

Although, they should have been serving MILL STREET beer, not Amsterdam. I really like Mill St. - have you ever been to the brew pub?? We should go together sometime, it's good!

I <3 the Distillery.

Shaz said...

Ooo Paris without the French? Looks faboo!

Yes, I'm bringing back faboo!

Kris said...

It was The Fermenting Room or something like that? I dunno. But it was awesome. In our imaginary apartment there, we have a basketball court and a games room. You could come play. :p

And I've had Mill St. before, but have never been there. We should definitely go!

Shaz - Faboo never left, as it was always in our hearts. Right??? Right.

Mike D. said...

Damn you guys look good in that picture. In all of them actually. I know I know, I'm complimenting you with another guy.

Kris said...

A weird turn of events for ya, Mikey.

Anonymous said...

I love the sex hair! Wild.

ghost said...

fourths huh?

Kris said...

Coulda been fifths, really.

And thanks, Anon. It's my lion look.

sweaty toes said...

ha! that guy does look like tony

Kris said...


I thought maybe I was crazy...

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