Monday, June 29, 2009

Pas De Photos

My camera has been stolen. Or so we think.

Along with all of the many pictures from the past month that help me to remember what it is that I've done this whole time. Too many events. Too many good times. Gone.

I am more than slightly uber pissed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dirty Drunk Dogs

My past two weekends have been damn busy. In order to update, we have to rewind to the weekend before this past one. Is that cool with you? Better be.

On that Friday night, we had a goodbye party for Adam, one of the morning show hosts. He's gone on to bigger and better things. Afterward, we headed to the Drinks Show for some... uh... drinks.

It was at Polson Pier, which is always a nice place for an event.

The lovely Laura and Bob were with us, and here Laura shows off her "Rock 'n Roll Squirrel Shirt". Please sing accompanying song. Thank you.

This was taken after our smiling photo.

Yes, I'm sticking my stomach out.

Yes, he's grabbing my boob.

No.. I'm not sorry.

We don't appear to know how to work a camera.

Group hug? Sure. Hug.

Oh, hi skyline.

The happy expression on Craig's face is a direct result of being told he was allowed to play around on the volleyball court.

And so he did.

You can dress him up, but you can't expect him to not roll around in dirt.

This is the beginning of Craig's scenery shots.

Later on, we all got temporary tattoos. They were free, why not?

My dear Adam got one on his butt. The ladies went wild. I didn't wanna break it to them that they didn't have the proper anatomical parts that would attract him.

Sorry girls.

Craig got a pig on his chest. Bob liked it.

Oddly enough, I have no pictures of mine.

"Ok, Craig. Put down the camera and get me a drink."

The next day, we had some time with my parents and my sister and her husband. She bought a condo, yay!

Then Craig and I headed over to Woofstock because we were hosting their beer garden on behalf of Proud FM.

It was a beer garden where people could bring their dogs in, which had never happen in other years. It was a hit.

It's dangerous to give me a microphone and give me free reign to speak. Beware.

Please note the free beer.

We hosted the "Ugliest Dog Contest" and they won fun prizes. We wanted this Dyson vaccum. We have two dogs and a cat... you do the math.

He made out with lotsa dogs that night.

He also made out with the ugliest dog winner. Enjoy your Dyson. Psh.

We went to Woofstock (not working) with the dogs the next day. Daisy would have won the Miss Canine contest if she had been in it (according to the judges afterwards) but we were sidetracked.

Next up - Pride week update! (Mama's busy).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remembering A Fantastic Feline...

While I fully intend to update this here Ramblin' Blawg with all that has been going on in the past month or so, there's something I need to do before all that.

So this post is dedicated to a fellow blogger and dear friend who passed away last week.

Liam, you will be missed.

He was a beautiful and sweet cat, loved lots by his owners Jeff & Claire (aka - the chimp and the bear). We traded blog stories, and when he needed some inspiration for posts I'd scratch behind his ears.

It always worked.

He hadn't been well for quite awhile, but was a tough little kitty through surgeries and medication.
Liam was a fighter.

Rest in Peace, my pretty little buddy.

Lots of love,

Kristen (& Craig, too)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Triumphant (?) Return of Picture Posts

I promised picture-ful posts of people, places, and pancakes.

So here ya go. Minus the pancakes.

Better inSANEly late than never, right?

It's almost been a month, but my lack of posts and interweb prevented me from posting about the Powerball.

It was lotsa fun. We went with a bunch of our lovely Proud FM folks and had a great time. Yay for free tickets, booze, food, and cool art. The theme was supposed to be kinda rock-ish so instead of really dressing up, I paired my pleather top with a shiny pencil skirt, fishnets, and skyscraper heels.

Rock chick wear makes me happy.

This fundraiser happened on the Thursday before our moving weekend, so it was a great way to de-stress for a night.

Luckily I had already booked the next day off to pack... although hungover packing isn't as fun as you'd think.

Please note that my drink looks as though part of it is on fire.

It's not. It's just a lit stir stick type thing.

Too bad.

Ah, the room full of hanging plastic blow-up guitars.

I could've lived in there, pretending to play my fake guitars and sneering at passers-by.

... and eating said guitars, I guess.

Tasted like an Ibanez, but cleary it was a knockoff.

The Air Guitar Master steps up to his weapon.

But I don't think that it counts as air guitar, even though it is made of air.

Does it?

This room had old cars piled on each other and movies playing on the walls. It also projected a live video stream of a hidden camera in a fake outhouse outside, where people went to makeout or pretend to have sex.

Craig was impressed by my shadow puppets.

That is a dog. Save the fanfare for later.

A little Patrick love.

That hand seems to be reaching. I'll pretend it's goin' for boob, but I know it wants the beer....

When no one was talking to me, I felt that I should make a new friend.

So I did.

It knows my secrets.


Here we stand outside the outhouse of faux fornication.

Faux-nication? Maybe? Think it over...

Laura and I had a photoshoot with the trees. Craig somehow managed to make it look dirty.

I'm ok with that.

And so concludes the story of how I was Powerballed.

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