Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby's Got The Bends

Welcome to the re-cap of my weekend.

After a Friday night of drinking with Neil, we spent our Saturday in King City, painting a friend's offices.

But beforehand, I felt the need to dance around my unfinished living room to some form of metal tunes.

That said and done, we were off.

Prior to painting we tried on the merchandise. Namely, this gray hat.


It's not workin' for either of us.

Pretty good view while painting, I must admit.

Gave the hat another shot. Still... no.

The paint splatter on my shirt oddly resembled the devil horn hand sign. Ya think?

On Sunday, the plan was to go to the beach. But Mother Nature in conjunction with tan-o-phobes conspired against me, and it poured rain all bloody day. Flooded the damn streets.

No beach.

So me and Les Pets bummed around.

This was at about 11am. Awesome weather.

And then the CN tower disappeared. Was it terrorists? Nope. Weather.

... and so it was a dog day, and not a beach day.

Just to bore you further, I've posted a video.

Let's hope next weekend is more eventful.


Kris said...

I should probably also mention that I'm saying "Chihuahua" and "Obama" over and over because those words make Jack turn his head back and forth everytime, without fail.

Krista said...

Looks like a Dog Day was just as good as a beach day. Now I don't feel so weirded out by the weather it was bullshit my way too.

Aaron V. said...

Hey, I see a Modigliani.

Kris said...

Krista - it's driving me nuts, how bout you?

Aaron - Damn right. It's SJ's. At our old place, that chick used to watch me sleep. She was very judgy. So I'm putting her in the living room this time.

ghost said...

clearly fate intends for you to "rock on."

Kris said...

clearly fate is smart. and so i shall!

Mike D. said...

Hey rock girl, when are you dying your hair dark?

Kris said...

Soon, I think. Maybe. Dunno.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I personally liked the hat on C. I would say that he could be your Joey Jeramiah, but we both know that position has already been filled.

Kris said...

"I can be your Joey Jeremiaaaahhhhhh" Oh man.

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