Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Death & Taxes

One look at my Facebook tells me that celebrity deaths are the topic du jour.

They just keep a-comin.

Recently, Ed McMahon passed away. But to be honest, I didn't hear much about it. Didn't he deserve more?

Next, it was Farrah.

As I work for a gay radio station, there was definite shock and sadness for her death.

Which is why some were not all that happy when it was overshadowed the very same day, by this death.

Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop, no question about it.

But while all are saddening, and each are huge losses in their own right, there's someone else's passing that affects me the most.

Martin Streek had been on 102.1 The Edge (CFNY) for over 20 years. I literally grew up listening to him, as did a lot of people in the GTA and Niagara. The few times I met him, he seemed like a great guy.

His death two days ago has rocked listeners to the core and changed the face of local radio forever.

RIP Martin - thanks for shaping my tastes, and thanks for the tunes.

And for all mentioned above, your memories will live on.


blepharisma said...

I was waiting for the part about the taxes.

Now I'm disappointed.

Kris said...

All the stars paid a lot of taxes due to high pay.

Does that work? You LIKE taxes?

k said...

I know it's akin to blasphemy in some circles, but I didn't really blink much at the news of Jackson's death. He wasn't Mother Theresa. Just doesn't pluck at any of the heartstrings. The one that did give me pause was the passing of this woman.. She was a wonderful comedienne and her work on older BBC comedies like " Are You Being Served" never failed to amuse.

Kris said...

Y'know, although I liked some of Michaels older stuff, I was the same way. It didn't shock me for some reason. I think it's also because he's practically been in hiding for so long.

Thing affect people differently, right?

As for Mollie Sugden (who you just mentioned), I've seen her stuff. I had no idea that she died. Very sad.

Liam said...

Hi K!
Caesar here.
Thank you for your message, and for being a mentor for animals blogging. I have a lot to pick up on where laim left off, but am looking forward to it.
Walkies with Jack n Daisy soon please!

Kris said...

Damn striaght, walkies! But no hip-hop... right? ;)

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