Friday, July 24, 2009

When Darkness Falls - A Story Of.. Well... Nothing

This past Saturday, we spent the day at Patrick and Shaun's, while Craig painted part of their loft.

That night, they took us out to O. Noir for dinner.

If you don't know, O. Noir is a "dine in the dark" restaurant. You eat in complete darkness, and your servers are blind. There's one of these restaurants in all the major cities right now.

I thought "Oh, that's kinda quirky. You must just see shadows and things."

And so we went.

Allow me to show you EXACTLY what you see in the dining room:


Friggin' nothing.

You can't make out shapes, shadows, outlines... NADA.

So we were led to our table and they sat us down. Immediately I started hyperventilating a bit. I'm claustrophobic, and it felt as though I was in a coffin.

"Guys... I don't think I can do this" was the only thing I could say. I was super shaky and on the verge of tears. I didn't think I could breathe. Craig felt around and grabbed my hand to steady me and calm me down.

Needless to say, I stuck it out.

By the end, I was chair dancing. You know the saying "dance like no one is watching"? Well... no one was.

The entire meal took 2 hours, but only felt like one to me. Craig said he felt every single slow minute of it, and it was torturous.

An interesting experience, that's for sure.

For another take on the same night, read here.


Anonymous said...

"Craig felt around and grabbed my hand" I would not have been so kind, or gentlemanly, just saying.


Kris said...

Well... Perhaps I with-held further information.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people in there took their pants off during the meal, 'cause who's gonna know?

I would have.

Kris said...

I almost did, I won't lie.

I DID flash everyone in the dark. (Sorry, Mom.)

Cuz in the light, I'd just get laughed at.

Anonymous said...

You will never know if there was hair in your food.

ghost said...

or if the sauce was really sauce. nop;e. none for me thanks.

Kris said...

When I went to the washroom afterwards, I checked everything.

No sauce or food in my hair or anywhere else. Although I DID have to eat with my hand for some parts, because it was too har to feel where the food was with a fork.

Born with a big mouth! said...

first - Happy Late B-day!!!!!

second - WHY woudl anyone want to go OUT to eat in the dark? That place has to be a disaster at the end of the night. And yup ..... sauce??? eweeeeee!!!

Kris said...

Thanks, girl!

And it was pretty interesting... I'll give it that much!

Mike D. said...

That's a little bit creepy. But the boob part is fun.

Kris said...

Boobs are fun. I'd like some of my own.

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