Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Other Who Is Significant

Tomorrow is Craig's 37th birthday.

I am prepping for the impending shin-dig.

So if, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, you see a blonde girl in a ditch

clutching an empty bottle of rye

lying on an empty 2-4 box

and a boy beside her

mumbling incoherently about a bus that never showed up

and wondering where his shoes went,


steer us in the direction of home.

Or kidnap us and take us somewhere wonderful.

Thanks in advance.

Happy birthday, boy! Love you largely,

in drunkness

and in sobriety.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Exes And Oh's

On Sunday we hit The EX.

Used to be a big tradition for me, and made me giddy like schoolgirl.

Here is my way of Ex'in.

The Shambled Guide To Visiting The Ex:

1. Visit the animals that, for some reason or another, remind you of your dogs. Look, there's Daisy! Ohh, wait. Nope. That there be a goat.

2. Force friends and boyfriends to go on uber spinny rides simply because YOU enjoy them. But don't forget to be concerned when they're nauseous and want to die afterward.

Where's Waldo?

3. Embrace the messy hair, cuz honey... there's no avoiding it. Also - try your best not to squish the person beside you. Sometimes that hurts them. But sometimes they like it. Use your best judgement; they will let their feelings be known.

4. When your horrible fear of heights prevents you from going on certain rides, take pictures of your manfriend as he enjoys them....

... because pictures are fun...

... even if they give you contact vertigo.


5. Try not to giggle uncontrollably just because fun lights make you squeal excitedly.

Ah, what the hell. Squeal all ya want. Jump up and down even. Fun lights are... well, fun.

6. Take blurry pictures. They may be a natural end result of the beer you just drank. Cuz beer is a very important part of The Ex. As is the food building.

Beer. Food. Ride. Repeat.

7. On occasion, someone will pressure you to go on a ride that you are TERRIFIED of. In this case, make them go on it first and observe their reaction. Sometimes that makes the situation much worse. They'll still force you on it, though.

But after your initial anxiety attack and desire to be let off the ride, you might have fun. you might scream-laugh in a crazy way and get back on the ride three times. And then your significant other might be proud of you for facing something you were really scared of, and look at you lovehead-edly like you're the only other person in the park.


You might throw up the beer and food you consumed beforehand, swear off rides altogether and leave the park alone, sick and defeated.

Choose your own adventure.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adventures In Camping - Part 2 (aka - Overabundance of Dog Love Because I'm Glad They're Not Dead, Ok?)

Oh hi. It's me again.

This time with another arsenal of camping pictures.

Mostly dog-related.

Gerry has an awesome camera and takes great pictures with them, so Craig made full use of it. There's a Jack Russell calendar coming out next year, and they want Jack and Daisy in it. So we need good pics.

Reason enough, right? Right.

And yes... Daisy is pretty much flying in that pic.

This was all before the near-death stuff Jack went through. It's actually probably the CAUSE of his massive seizure, as he was just over-stimulated and excited because of the water.

But look at the fun he had.

Wet dawg.

See? He loves the evil water.

This pic is kinda bad, cuz it almost looks like my girl is hanging. She's just in midair.
It happens.

A proud Daddy watches her run fast as lightning after tha damn ball.

Happy camper.

I think that one's going in the calendar.

Probably checking out my massic 'skeeter bites.


Always a happy cheerful girl, I am.

Must be muskrat love..... cuz he looks like a muskrat. And, coincidentally, I love him.

They love each other too!
Nah, don't be fooled. They're fighting over the friggin' ball.

The following is a series of pictures showcasing Daisy's jump in the lake:

K, so maybe I'm the only one who enjoyed that.

See, I can fetch too!

Holy purty eyes, Batman. I mean... Daisy.

Now I relax.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adventures In Camping - Part 1 (aka - Glad My Dog Didn't Die)

And we're off...

So, this is going to take two different posts. Yeah, I have just THAT much to say. Also, the picture overload may make some of you crazy but I trust that you can deal with it and move on.

Here we go.

The camping trip started out great.

Drove up, got settled, started to unwind. It was nice to get away and be with C's family.

On Saturday we went to the "Dog Area" so the pooches could swim and run and get tired out (thus leaving the humans time to drink later on).

[side note - please tell me why YOU think this picture is funny.]

So the dogs swam and ran and did their doggy thang.

Jack has a weird fixation with water, so he was splashing around for a long damn time. He is literally crazy for water.

When we were done at the dog beach, we came back to the campsite (even though I dont think it counts as camping when you're staying in a trailer that's nicer than your apartment). As soon as we sat down, Jack's seizure started.

For those who don't know, Jack is epileptic. He has seizures every couple of days, and they last longer than most epileptic dogs.

But this wasn't like those seizures.

This one lasted four hours.

We did our best to keep him calm and quiet in hopes that the tremors would subside, but they didn't.

Off to the local animal hospital we went. They were closed.

So I sat in the car we borrowed for the weekend, holding onto Jack while Craig went into a nearby Sears to call around and find another vet that was open.

For me, it felt like forever.

At one point, Jack stopped breathing. I was crying and quietly begging him to hold on until we found someone to help us, pretty much willing him to stay alive.

Finally Craig came back and told me that we had a drive ahead of us. The only place that would take us was in Bracebridge.

We got to the Bracebridge vet, and they took him in and shot him up with some Valium. It didn't work right away like it should have. So the vet wanted to keep him in the hospital all night and keep him on a drip (which would have cost $500), but we said that we'd go into town and get food and then come back in an hour to see if he was better. And we did.

As soon as we walked back into the vet later we heard him barking in the back room.

I knew he was terrified to wake up in a strange place and not see me or Craig there, and that's why he was barking so much. The vet came out and said he was a miracle dog, and that he survived.

They wanted to keep a valium catheter on him, but he'd have chewed and swallowed it so we didn't. They gave us an emergency valium kit to use if he ever has a really long, bad seizure.

He was pretty wonky afterwards. Couldn't walk properly, wasn't acting like Jack. But he's getting better.

Whew. Poor Jack.

That wasn't all that happened.

The rest of the weekend was good. We kept Jack calm and let him relax and enjoyed our trip.

We went home on Monday, driving the car we had borrowed from a friend of a friend. Made it about 5 minutes away from our house. Craig got gas and the car wouldn't start again - it broke down.

Luckily Craig's sister Shauna and her lovely man just happened to be in town. They came to our rescue.

Thanks guys! It was great to see you!


Shoulda figured that John Bland was behind all this crap.

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