Friday, August 21, 2009

Adventures In Camping - Part 2 (aka - Overabundance of Dog Love Because I'm Glad They're Not Dead, Ok?)

Oh hi. It's me again.

This time with another arsenal of camping pictures.

Mostly dog-related.

Gerry has an awesome camera and takes great pictures with them, so Craig made full use of it. There's a Jack Russell calendar coming out next year, and they want Jack and Daisy in it. So we need good pics.

Reason enough, right? Right.

And yes... Daisy is pretty much flying in that pic.

This was all before the near-death stuff Jack went through. It's actually probably the CAUSE of his massive seizure, as he was just over-stimulated and excited because of the water.

But look at the fun he had.

Wet dawg.

See? He loves the evil water.

This pic is kinda bad, cuz it almost looks like my girl is hanging. She's just in midair.
It happens.

A proud Daddy watches her run fast as lightning after tha damn ball.

Happy camper.

I think that one's going in the calendar.

Probably checking out my massic 'skeeter bites.


Always a happy cheerful girl, I am.

Must be muskrat love..... cuz he looks like a muskrat. And, coincidentally, I love him.

They love each other too!
Nah, don't be fooled. They're fighting over the friggin' ball.

The following is a series of pictures showcasing Daisy's jump in the lake:

K, so maybe I'm the only one who enjoyed that.

See, I can fetch too!

Holy purty eyes, Batman. I mean... Daisy.

Now I relax.


Anonymous said...

Just in case your dog stops breathing again in the future....

ghetto.punk.chic said...

Hey puppy...

I'm glad that my fave puppies are all ok. That includes you & C. I love the pics...looks like you had fun (all things considered).

Krista said...

The dog pictures were great, they seem to enjoy the simplest things in live.

Kris said...

anon - I'm trained now!

chic- yeah, most of it was fun :)

Krista - They sure do. And thank god for it.

Mike D. said...

Really wicked pictures, Kris.

Kris said...

Merci. Gerry's camera is awesomefaced.

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