Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Girl Wants To Party All The Time, Party All The Time

Last weekend we attended a luvverly party.

You can tell that I'm half in the bag when I start making those types of faces and these types of pictures.

Good times, friends. Good times.

This weekend will be a bit different.

We're packin' up the pooches and heading up north.

Fires, s'mores, 'squitos

swimmin', fishin', beers.

Camping time!

I'll check back in on Monday.

Fully bitten, possibly hungover, hopefully tanned.



ghost said...

'ware the sasquatch.

Kris said...

I make friends with the samsquamtch.

He makes the bestest s'mores.

Mom said...

one common denominator of both!

Kris said...

You know me too well, Mom!

Mike D. said...

Dark hair NOW.

Kris said...

Better gimme money then!

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