Friday, August 7, 2009

Shouldn't 'Bill' Be Short For 'Billiam'?

Today's post features older pics NEVER BEFORE POSTED ON SHAMBLED RAMBLINGS (that I know of).

Contain yourselves. Honestly.

We're about due for some kind of update.

Shall we?

Kris, The Wonkified Woman of Wonder:

- currently has far too many inches of her natural hair colour creeping down her head, as she (once again) decides whether to go blonde one more time or say "Screw it" and brunette herself.

- wants to breathe new life into her old freelance writing career, and is considering her options for side projects.

- ate the cake. It was delicious.

- will more than likely embark on her first ever camping trip. Apparently going to a cottage almost every summer in her lifetime does not count. Bring on the mosquitoes!

- is sad about John Hughes' passing. Without him, Long Duck Dong would never have existed. Neither would Ducky and Jake Ryan.

- has recently started watching My Name Is Earl from the beginning. It was "The Best Show We Weren't Watching". Our lack of cable means we watch whatever DVDs cross our paths. It's worth it, if just for the mouse named "Billiam".

Happy weekending!


Chomps said...

saw your sister tonight! Wouldn't have noticed were it not for her extremely unique hair colour. Was leaving Scotiabank theatre when I spotted her.

Kris said...


Did you yell profanities at her?

Cuz you shoulda. ;)

Mike D. said...

Why'd you steal that little girls ball?

Kris said...

I didn't! It was Daisy's ball... that little girl is my cousin's daughter. She and Daisy played some ball.

ghost said...

john hughes. sad day.

Kris said...


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