Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Story Of My Life

This past weekend, Le ManBoy and I managed to cram as much and as little of everything possible into it.

Come along, if you will, on a journey of things and places you don't care about.

Shall we?

Friday night, Leah & TJ stayed at our casa. Little did they know we were going to wake em up at 7am to go to the beach.

And so we did.

To me, this always looks like a butted smoke.

C tried his darndest to skip rocks and hit that butted smoke and/or throw rocks straight at it.
Status: unsuccessful.

And so, we left the beach at 11, and went on to our next task of the day.
Met up with some fine folks, jetted briefly to CBC, then off to the Argos game.

I may wear the faux helmet, but I have yet to fully understand football.
I'm tryin'.


A chimp without a chimp expression - is he not still a chimp?

Couples that make gestures together, stay together.

"Uhh... what just happened? What's a down?"

Game over. Drinks on a rooftop patio were had. Burritos were eaten.
And it was off the Bob & Laura's for the remainder of the evening.

As some of you non-Canucks may not know, it was a long weekend up here.
3 days off. Yep.

Sunday consisted of sleeping, going for walks, and eating.
Monday was much the same, with the addition of many hours of reading.

This is Bailey. She likes to read, too. But only if you bribe her with food.

And now the weekend is done, so it's back to work.
So... go to work.


Anonymous said...

God, that Tim Horton's helmet is so hot. Dance for me!

Wil Harrison.com

Kris said...

I'm dancin', I'm dancin'!

Anonymous said...

Man, I only just started figuring out American football and now I have to start all over again.

Dig that helmet though!

Kris said...

Head to an Argos game then, they're free! And from what I've been told, Canadian footbal isn't much different. But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Actually I was talking to Craig.

Wil Harrison.com

ghost said...

wait. whats so hard to get about american football?

Kris said...

Wil - I wondered that. But he won't dance for you til you give him alcohol.

ghost - I dunno... perhaps I just don't pay enough attention?

k said...

So , you work at a radio station. You knew this was coming. Let's grasp your cred. I commute via motorcycle blasting everything from the Bad Brains to the latter day Black Kids through my helmet to make it not seem tedious. Give me something new to listen to tomorrow when I come out of the Holland tunnel.

Mike D. said...

You in sports pics just wierds me out.

Kris said...

k - I work at a gay and lesbian radio station, but I'm still quite a metalhead at heart. I can give you pretty eclectic lists. Email me, we'll talk.

Mike - shut it.

ghetto.punk.chic said...

I'm glad that someone finally got you the helmet that you've so deperately needed for far too long. :P

Kris said...

HA! Sucka.

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