Monday, September 28, 2009

Respect Walk

On Sunday September 13th, Craig and I hooked up Jack and Daisy's leashes and headed out on the AIDS Walk for Life along with our fellow Proud FM'ers.

Days like that remind me of why I'm happy to come into work.

We were walking for a serious issue - we were there for a reason. But we still managed to have a laugh and good time, even while serving our purpose.

Exactly how it should be.

The Proud family is a happy family.

Next year, join us.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

As Requested

Dear Masuka,

Thanks for giving Craig and I tickets to the Leafs opening pre-season game last week.

We didn't know it was a free game until Jeff told us it was probably too late. Rabid fans had surely eaten up all the available tickets. And just as we were getting ready to head down there to see if we could charm our way in, you sent me a text saying that you had tickets for us.

It was indeed my first NHL game, and thus my first Leafs game. I am a horrible Canadian.

You couldn't come to the game right away, and would meet up with us later. So we went and found our seats. Up the stairs we went... and up more stairs... and then more... and then another set.

When we sat at our seats in the last row of the ACC, the place started spinning wildly for me. I began to sweat and get a bit dizzy.

Insane fear of heights causes vertigo and mental craziness. I thought I was going to have a panic attack and pitch myself forward, only to fall to my death.

I lived.

Eventually I got over it enough to use my noise makers, swear at the Boston Bruins, chastise shitty plays by the Leafs, and scream for really no reason at all.

I also finally got to see my first real, live hockey fight.

But honestly... I've seen better.

All in all, it was a good time.

And it was lovely spending a bit of time with you and your hot wife.

So thanks for the tickets, Masuka. Tell Dexter to get his head out of his ass and divorce that chick. She talks like she's been lobotomized.


Kristen ( & Craig)

P.S. - I lost my free can of Coke that they gave us on the way out.

Do you think this guy took it?


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sand Through Our Fingers.


Just... wow.

(Also - listen with sound at high. Apocalyptica doing Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters". Awesome.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lessons In Insecure Women # 199 - Public Love

In a relationship it is so easy to feel


under appreciated

and even unattractive.

It happens.

I admit, I feel that way quite a bit.

In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, I'd like to share something with you that was written in a public forum when my significant other was asked to give his opinion about an unimportant subject (being my hair colour). The message that came across to me, however, was extremely important.

So men (and women) - here is one way to let a girl know she's your #1:

"What I think.

I'll go on record right now with what I think.

I think that my gal here is a beautiful woman. I am fine admitting I am a lucky guy, and I'm pretty sure that's old news.

What I know about beautiful women is this, you can do anything you want to what they wear, or how they have their hair, and their beauty will always radiate. Dark hair or light, Kris won't change. She will be either a beautiful blond baby, or a beautiful brunette siren. It's her smile, and her general aura that knocks people out. It comes from the brain and is made apparent by her actual physical looks.

Tell ya what. So Canada's Next Top Model was here last week, we got to meet her and all that. She was as beautiful here as she was on the show, yet looked way different. It didn't matter. She stood in front of Kris, and to be honest, she was still the second hottest woman in the room. So case closed.

Any woman, who can upstage a supermodel, in her casual jeans and an Alice in Chains t-shirt, then proceed to have 5 gay men unanimously agree that she was by far the sexier beast, could cut her hair off and stick it out her ass like My Little fucking Pony and still be the hottest woman in the room.

So I say dark, just because it's the unknown, and Kris simply wants a change anyhow. So why not. Ain't gonna move my perception."

On that day, this was the best thing I could've read.

In his own little way, he knew how to make me feel like a giant.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Man Is An Island... Neither Is A Fish

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...uh... I mean Toronto Island:

K - Look at me, I'm on a Ferry! First time on a ferry.

C - Yeah, just stand still for the picture.

K - Look at me! Goin' to Toronto Island. First time at Toronto Island.

C - I know. This is why I'm posing for a picture.

C - Watch me catch a fish.

K - Sorry. Too busy playing with your camera's fun functions. Fun-ctions. Get it? Meh.

C - Didn't catch a damn thing. Luckily I look good in black and white.

K - Oh.. sorry bout that. I've changed the setting.

K - See? It looks all old timey. Don't you like things that look old timey?

C - Guess so. Hand me a beer, would ya?

K - Voila! Le swan! In old timey fashion!

C- I see that you drank all the beer. No wonder you're going picture crazy.

Swan - Allo. I am an old timey swan.

K - Craig... the swan just talked. No more beer for me.

K - Back to colour! Look how purty our city can be.

C - It'd be a lot prettier if there were more fish in that water.

C - This'll be the spot. It's calling my name...

K - That's funny, I didn't hear a damn thing.

K - Dora is exploring the woods! So THAT'S how she got her name

C - Who?

K - Nothing.

K - We found the Trout Pond!

C - I found a snag.

K - I don't think you should walk on that thing...

C - Why not? I won't fall.

* Fast forward to Craig falling into the water and temporarily busting his cell phone*

K - Stop being a chicken and get in the water.

C - No thanks. I'm playing with my camera.

K - It's really effin' cold.

C - Exactly my point. Silly girl.

... 200 pictures later:

C - Do something.

K - I'm running away, vile paparazzi!

K - Time to pack it in, that guy keeps watching me and touching his fishing rod.

C - Yeah. Sorry bout that.

C - One more shot at catching fish before we go eat.

K - I'm gonna hazard a guess that it's not fish we'll be eating...

K - I may have bites on my ass from red ants, but I had fun!

C - The only bites I got were bugs. I'ma sad.

K - Yay, another ferry ride!

C - Yay, I figured out the timer on my camera! I feel better.

The End.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Something Fowl

Labour Day weekend just passed.

I spent mine back home in good ol' Niagara.

I don't know how it happened, but I somehow managed to see almost my entire family and the majority of my best Niagara friends.

A Mansion House gathering is always a good one.

Sorry for the candid photos, but I was too busy enjoying myself with my favourite people. No time to be snap-happy.

and yes....
Oooohhh yes.

A Fat Girl Platter (or FGP) was had by ME.

Please read the entire history of my blog to learn about about its greasy greatness.

The dogs were with me at the folks house because their Daddy went on a fishing trip with the boys.

Luckily my friends and family kept them entertained and tired out.

I made out with a boy.

His name was Jack.

Don't tell Craig.

There are wild turkeys that now live around my old hood.

People even have these signs on their front lawns:

We searched and searched

We the Turkey Lurkers lurked for Turkeys

...but not a turkey was found.

'Cept for this one!

Gobble gobble, kids.
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