Thursday, September 3, 2009

Admission Is The First Step

Looking back at old blog posts, I'm a bit disappointed in myself.

My recent entries seem to be lacking.

Overpopulated with pictures, underpopulated with substance.

I hang my head in shame. I can't promise to rectify this as quickly as I'd like; these things come and go. When I don't have a lot to say, or a lot that I am able to say in a public forum, pictures fill the void and keep people from emailing me and complaining about my failure to update.

I'm making a vow to fix this. Maybe old posts will spark something in my lethargic brain and remind me of why I used to love blogging.

I hope to start ranting again.

And making stupid things monumental.

Talking about fun books,

pretending to be healthy,

poking fun at crazy bitches,

fighting with myself,

watching you watching me,

talking about firsts that include Mick Jagger,

hating Billy Blanks,

and obsessing over small issues.

The old Kris will re-emerge at some point, because frankly the current one is boring me.

I'll find the fun and re-learn my first language of sarcasm, and remember the love of blogging yet again.

Unless I decide to stay boring, become a cat lady, develop an addiction to Pepto Bismol and discover the lost art of Muu-Muu-wearing.

Then I'll have to sacrifice the blog for good.

Stay tuned. This could get ugly.


Aaron Vail said...

I too lost that lovin' feeling. They weren't in your league but I used to ramble on about everything and then those everythings became silly things until one day last summer, those everysillythings became nothings it was over and I haven't posted a blog since - which, incidentally, is available at my myspace page, *cough!*

Kris said...

My dear, I'm gonna creep you soooo bad and then make fun of anything I am able to.

Ah, I suppose I'll just read and enjoy. Yer all smart and quick-witted, I'm sure I'll dig it.

Mike D. said...

That took me a long time to read all of those again. But I think I re-fell in love with you! =)

kay zee said...

you could probably rock the muu-muu

Kris said...

Mike - Yeah, you should!

kay zee - I may attempt that one of these days.

ghost said...

theres nothing wrong with pepto...

Krista said...

Your definition of ugly is different than mine is. Looking forward to it all. :)

Kris said...

ghost - pepto is a wonderful thing, I admit it!

krista - heh. then we shall see how it goes :)

Keir said...

Handy-dandy anthology. I'll play catch-up...

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